Thursday, January 15, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger State of the State 2009

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is preparing to give a speech today. It's the State of the State speech he makes once a year, but this year it's going to be a bit somber. It's his 6th State of the State address, and it comes just about a month before the state of California runs out of money. It seems they will begin to issue IOUs instead of actual cash. They haven't done that since the Great Depression. The Governor has tried to raise taxes, as the budget deficit is $42B (yeah, that's B for Billion), but his fellow Republicans have voted against tax increases. The tax increase wasn't his only plan though. He is forcing government offices to close for 2 days per month, and those workers will basically have 2 days off each month - without pay! He also stopped about $3.8B worth of construction in the state. It's a tough time for California right now. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The 2009 California Budget

It's been a long time, but given the current state of California politics, I had to come back and write. If you have not noticed, California's unemployment rate is getting closer to 10%. To make this matter even more dire, the State is having trouble adopting a budget. Because of that, there are many workers who are sitting around with nothing to do, as California has stopped public construction for transportation and housing projects. All of that adds up to thousands of workers who are not getting work and not being paid. If California politicians don't adopt a state budget soon, much of the Federal stimulus cash will not ever make it to California. Our leaders need to get their act together. Now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

HNF goes on Hiatus

After much deliberation I have decided to place HNF on hiatus. Once I have more time in the future I will try to once again publish this site.

I would like to thank all of the contributors, especially, Silence Dogood and Marvin Lucas. These two help beyond what I asked.

This is only a hiatus, HNF will return in the future better then before.

Thank you for your support.

Will Bailey

Friday, April 07, 2006

Who Replaces Bogh as Caucus Chair? Greg Aghazarian Does!!!

Plescia Names Aghazarian Republican Caucus Chair

Central Valley Legislator Chosen for Strong Leadership Skills

CONTACT: Morgan Crinklaw
(916) 319-2032

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader-Elect George Plescia, of San Diego, today announced that he has appointed Assemblyman Greg Aghazarian, of Stockton, to serve as the next Republican Caucus Chair.

“Since he arrived in Sacramento, Greg Aghazarian has been a strong leader and articulate spokesman for our party and an effective legislator for his constituents in the Central Valley,” Plescia said. “I highly value his input and leadership skills, and will work closely with him as we move our Republican agenda of reform forward.”

The Republican Caucus Chair is the second-highest ranking Republican in the State Assembly. An integral part of the Assembly Republican leadership team, the Caucus Chair assists the Leader in advancing the Republican policy agenda, and achieving the Caucus’ political goals. Additionally, the Caucus Chair regularly communicates with Republican leaders throughout California on key legislative issues and party matters.

First elected in 2002 to represent the 26th Assembly District, Aghazarian has served his Republican colleagues well as Assistant Republican Leader and vice-chair of the Assembly Health Committee. He also served on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee that investigated the misuse of taxpayer dollars by former Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. A successful local businessman and attorney, Aghazarian is a graduate of the University of Southern California and the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. He lives in Stockton with his wife Esther and three young sons.

“I am honored to have earned the trust and confidence of my Republican colleagues as we begin a new chapter under George Plescia’s leadership,” Aghazarian said. “In the coming months, George and I will work hard to advance our Republican ideals and further the progress made under the leadership of Kevin McCarthy and Russ Bogh.”

Plescia and Aghazarian will officially assume their new leadership roles on April 17.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who Replaces Bogh as Caucus Chair

With Plescia moving in as Republican Leader, who will take the #2 slot as caucus chair?

Capitol Weekly Salary finder

I just received the following from Anthony York at Capitol Weekly. So now all of you jealous low paid staffers can look up and complain about others salaries.

Hey, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the new and improved Capitol Weekly salaries database demo is up. Now, we have an archive of salary information, dating back to august of last year, and for the first time, members of the Executive Branch are included...

Click Here

You are Gay - Who Cares!

Yes I consider myself a moderate Dem. Yes I am sure this post will rub someone out there the wrong way. All that being said...

This week West Sac Mayor Chris Cabaldon jumped out of the closet and got a front page article in the Sacramento Bee by announcing he is gay.

Well I am here to make a similar announcement - I like to be slapped on the ass and have my hair pulled from time to time. I look forward to the Bee front page article.

It seems that being gay is more about getting publicity for yourself than really anything else - what is being gay now? Is it about advancing your political career or trying to be the new poster child for a particular constituency?

Spare me the stories of years of torment from "hiding" who you really are. Don't we all struggle with "hiding" or "denying" certain elements of your personality? Yes we do - so please save the sobbing.

I thought the Gay and Lesbian movement wanted the government and public out of their bedroom? Well if so, than quit bring your bedroom to the front page of the Sacramento Bee.

Cabaldon is gay, I like my hair pulled, Arnold loves Maria, some legislators have enjoyed the company of "professional" women. All are pointless to anyone except themselves and their partners and surely shouldn't be news.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I have received tons of email over the last couple of days about the blogging of one Manny Manfield. I beleive I know who this person is. A former contributer to this site that wants to ruin it so that nobody visits the site any longer. I do not know if there is any way to prevent this person from having conversations with themself or filing up the comments section with crap.

If you do not respond to the childish garbage the person will hopefully go away. If not I might have to implement a control measure on the comments section. This would force people to become blog members before they can post. I am sure that that is what this person wants. I would prefer to keep it the way it is, people being able to post anonymously.

GOP Raising the White Flag in CD 50 - SEIU Takes over Sports Radio

Reep consultant and Flash Blogger Joe "Walsh" Justin wrote this over at that FlashReport blog: I say good riddance to Tom DeLay....a man so powerful he very well may cost the GOP the 50th congressional seat.

Mr. Justin is also a consultant for Sen. Bill Morrow's campaign for the 50th CD - is he tipping his hand about the strength of Dem Francine Busby?

Also ----

My latest Man toy loves sports radio - KHTK AM 1140 in Sacramento to be exact. It seems SEIU has bought a ton of lead in ads at every weather and traffic report during morning and evening wake up/drive time.

For example, Traffic girl X gets done telling us how clogged I-99 is and then proceeds to tells us that the traffic report is sponsored by SEIU and SEIU and working men and women hate the Governor (well not those exact words, but the ad copy read by the radio host says pretty much that the Governor sucks).

Now my brain is thinking - would the Ad department at KHTK accept sponsorship or ad copy for their traffic or weather reports from the NRA, Pro-Life groups, or (insert name here) conservative leaning group making an equally political statement?

I like some stuff SEIU does of course, but hey, I am all about fairness.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Why do Republicans fear Republicans?

Maybe I am just a misguided Dem, but I have long wondered why Republicans fear appointing Republicans? For example, the Wilson and Schwarzenegger Administrations have a habit of appointing non-Republicans to key posts and judgeships - as a Democrat, I would be floored to see the same behavior. For all the problems I had with Gray Davis, he rarely if ever, threw a bone to Republicans in regards to appointments.

That leads me to publish a post from Mike Spence over at FlashReport. Now I rarely if ever agree with Mr. Spence, but his post is interesting - especially considering this topic. It makes me think about how I would react if a Dem Governor acted this way.

Here is Mr. Spence's post:

LA Superior Court Nominee Deception Revealed
by Mike Spence - Los Angeles County 4-3-2006 11:43 am

Last Thursday I posted about the Governor's latest appointment to The LA County Bench, Richard Goul. You can see it here. I have been a critic of the Governor's judicial picks, especially in LA County where the ratio runs 2 to 1 in favor of the Democrats. The California Republican Lawyer Association introduced and got passed a resolution calling on the Gov to appoint Republican to judicial slots.

So what's the big deal about this appointment? The press release noted he was a decline to state. That is sort of an abstention in the way most us of count stuff. It doesn't count for you and it doesn't count against you.

Well, guess what a source connected in the LA DA's office told me that Goul was a Democrat. The Orange County Registrar of Voters shows that he was registered for about eight years AS A DEMOCRAT in Newport Beach until 2/21 of 2006 when he suddenly registered as a decline to state voter.

Why did Goul change his registration? Did he do it to mislead us judicial appointment watchers? Did he deceive the Governor's staff as well?

Either way Goul should not accept this appointment, the Governor should withdraw it and his deception needs to be explained.

How many other nominees have done that same thing?