Friday, September 30, 2005

The mark of the beast

My profile has been viewed 666 times. Thank you all for fittingly concluding this day with your curiosity.

For those who are Biblically unaware, the Mark of the Beast comes from the Book of Revelation 13:17, which states:

"... no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Another Nativo Thought...

Who's idea was it to have Nativo be a signer on the rebuttal to the argument against Prop. 77 in the Official Voter Information Guide?

Was there such a dearth of Latinos who could have signed it, that we had to go with such a reprehensible character?

And not to overlook these contributions to Nativo-watching

I neglected to add these contributions to the unpleasant-but-necessary business of keeping an eye on Nativo Lopez. The redoubtable Geoff Metcalf opines on this favorite topic.

Disgusted and ashamed

Dear Hack n Flak readers,

I have removed a prior post of mine for the time being. It was apparent that those who wish only to sabotage the efforts of the good people who have labored to bring this forum back from obscurity were maliciously manipulating the comments section of that post. I have consulted with Will, and unless there are serious efforts by some of the readers to correct their behavior, we may have to - again - reformat the blog. I don't ever want to see the filth I saw today again.

Yours in liberty,


OC Weekly On Nativo Lopez's Cockfighting Fetish

A couple of weeks ago I researched and wrote a story illustrating the extent to which Nativo Lopez had enmeshed his new perch, the Mexican American Political Association, in the sleazy world of cockfighting.

The new OC Weekly on the stands picked up on my article and expands on it. Apparently, it was getting around the Internet, and as a result MAPA has expunged from its website any reference to cockfighting.

Amazing what a little sunlight can do.

Statistics & Other Fun Stuff

Another example of our tax dollars at work.

The CDC has released an Advance Data Sheet on "Sexual Behavior and Selected Health Measures: Men and Women 15-44 Years of Age, United States, 2002.

I have to say this piece is VERY entertaining. It's definitely worth a review. Ever wondered how you stack up against the rest of the population?

Too bad the data isn't sorted by political party --



Does anyone see a startling resemblance between Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg and San Diego’s own Carolyn Chase? No procreating please.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Goldberg to gaga

How is it that a previous post of mine on Jackie Goldberg's failed textbook page limitation bill somehow got radically warped into a Capitol addition of hot or not? You Cap staffers really need something to do during the recess. Ever heard that "idle hands are the Devil's workshop." Well, that applies here. We're interested in more out of your brilliant brains.

Special turnout models and the PPIC poll

With the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll showing 40 percent of likely voters believe the special election is a good idea and 53 percent say it is a bad idea, how does the no on 73 to 78 crowd get their side to the polls?

Does anyone else see the inherent contradiction?

How do you motivate someone with: We hate the special election, think it’s a bad idea, but we really, really want you to vote anyway?

If half of those who say the special election is a bad idea stay home, won’t we win a landslide?

Calling Jackie Goldberg! Earth to Jackie Goldberg!

The OC Register has an article in today's paper that caught my eye.

Here's the link: $1,455 per student for laptops called too high

The Fullerton case should bolster the defense of two hundred-plus page books in our schools, should Assemblything Jackie Goldberg ever decide to propose her silly bill again. Let's see ... roughly 6 million 300 thousand kids enrolled in California's public schools (see: ... multiply that by $1,400 ... hmmm ... yeah ... $8,820,000,000. Almost $9 billion more appropriated for education. Jackie, I think that exceeds Prop. 98 requirements. Naughty, naughty.

This, in addition to the troubling elimination of some of America's - indeed, the world's - most prized literature and the lining of the publishing industry's pockets (they'd be able to print multiple installments/editions, resulting in more books purchased, each with separate binding costs).

District lines and election results

Our friends at Capitol Weekly ( asked a number of Capitol veterans their opinion on what the benefits to Republicans would be if Prop 77 went through. Their feeling was that it would be a whole lot of nothing, at least until the next census. For the most part, I agree.

Republicans have done much better than expected under the current redistricting plan. In looking at the 2004 General Election results, one can see that of the 100 legislative seats up for election, 5 seats had different party results than the Presidential contest.

I'm not Monday-morning quarterbacking any of these races, obviously, when these were targeted no one knew what the top of the ticket results would be, but now that we do we must use this information when making future decisions.

Abel Maldonado won where Bush lost, Guy Houston won where Bush lost, Nicole Parra won where Kerry lost, Shirley Horton won where Bush lost and Bonnie Garcia won where Bush lost.

That being said, there are some races where the top of the ticket showed that we either should have done well, or received results that should have been expected.

AD 17 - Barbara Matthews won convincingly by 20 points, yet Kerry only won the district 49.7 to 49.3. Bad candidate on our part, even without redistricting we'll have a good race here when it's open.

AD 53 - The late Mike Gordon won the district by 8 points despite a spirited campaign, but Kerry won the district overwhelmingly, 56.9 to 41.7. Tough to overcome. If this is how we do in this seat when it's open, it's really not worth investing in until the registration changes significantly, or it is redrawn to cover better cities in the 54th, and not the City of LA.

AD 54 - Betty Karnette won comfortably, along with Kerrry well ahead of Bush.

AD 61 - Negrete-McLeod carried it well, with Bush losing by 10 points. Again even a baggage-free candidate has a tough road there. Registration is trending well here though. We'll see how it goes in the future.

AD 76 - Kerry won by 20 points. We're not getting it. Based on those numbers, it would be like the Dem's targeting George Plescia or Mark Wyland.

Prop 77 is not a cure-all for Republicans. We still have to put up a good fight, but we must pick our battles well. When we do that, we've got a better batting average than the Dem's at taking seats that are uphill battles.

Claremont McKenna's study recently released indicates that there would be 7 competitive Assembly Districts, and up to 8 competitive Senate Districts (although I couldn't find where it indicated what the partisan makeup of the non-competitive seats would be in their model.) If that does ocurr, Republicans can take those districts with good candidate recruitment and hard work.

Meaningful Immigration Reform

Mark Wyland has submitted "The Illegal Immigration Reform Act" to the Attorney General for title and summary.

This act addresses the matter of Driver's Licenses, and having California issue these licenses so that they reflect citizenship.

This act would prevent the spending of state funds on illegal aliens for health care.

The penalties for using and creating false documents for illegal aliens is increased, and the requirements for voter registration is tightened up.

From what it appears, this Initiative can deliver what it states.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

More light on Able-Danger, Atta, 9/11 and liberals

I wrote a column in mid-August about Able-Danger, a unit in the Pentagon that identified Mohamed Atta as an Al Qaeda operative a year before 9/11. It appeared in the O.C. Register and Human Events (

In the piece, I linked how the prevailing liberal attitude that took hold in the 60s and 70s led directly to the deaths of Americans in 9/11 through the left’s suppressing of our legitimate right to defend ourselves.

I then wrote about the recent arrests in California of Islamic militants who were plotting to blow up National Guard armories, the Israeli consulate in L.A. and synagogues. Next, I tied all of this to the actions of O.C. Sen. Joe Dunn in his attempt to show that the National Guard was illegally spying on Americans – using Sen. Dunn’s attitude as an example of local anti-military liberal bias and how that impacts our ability for self-protection.

In response, some anonymous critics tried to ridicule the early Able-Danger stories and my contention that the Clinton Administration suppressed Able-Danger’s attempt to alert the FBI as well as the apparent cover up of this by the September 11th Commission so as to cover for the Clinton Administration's failures.

Well, to my critics I commend these two articles that appeared Wednesday. They are from the Chicago Tribune.

Atta known to Pentagon before 9/11,0,1493600.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

`Here is this gaunt figure' in 2000 photo,0,4573800.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

Key excerpts:

WASHINGTON -- Four years after the nation's deadliest terror attack, evidence is accumulating that a super-secret Pentagon intelligence unit identified the organizer of the Sept. 11 hijackings, Mohamed Atta, as an Al Qaeda operative months before he entered the U.S.

Had the FBI been alerted to what the Pentagon purportedly knew in early 2000, Atta's name could have been put on a list that would have tagged him as someone to be watched the moment he stepped off a plane in Newark, N.J., in June of that year.

Anthony Shaffer, a civilian Pentagon employee, says he was asked in the summer of 2000 by a Navy captain, Scott Phillpott, to arrange a meeting between the FBI and representatives of the Pentagon intelligence program, code-named Able/Danger.

But he said the meeting was canceled after Pentagon lawyers concluded that information on suspected Al Qaeda operatives with ties to the U.S. might violate Pentagon prohibitions on retaining information on "U.S. persons," a term that includes U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens.

Asked by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, at a hearing last week whether Atta, who lived for 15 months in Florida under a temporary student visa, was a "U.S. person," a senior Pentagon official answered, "No, he was not."

The official, William Dugan, was asked why the Pentagon had not given the Able/Danger data to the FBI.

"We're a lot smarter now than we were in 1999 and 2000," replied Dugan, who testified that the Pentagon instead destroyed the huge volume of material gathered by Able/Danger, which was disbanded in late 2000. (Note: By the Clinton Administration.)

Erik Kleinsmith, a former Army major who worked with Able/Danger, testified at the hearing that he continued to wonder whether, if Able/Danger "had not been shut down, [whether] we would have been able to assist the United States in some way" to prevent the Sept. 11 attacks.

Kleinsmith, who is no longer affiliated with the Pentagon, testified that he was ordered by a Defense Department lawyer to comply with Pentagon regulations by destroying the Able/Danger data.

All of this kind of makes you wonder about liberal lawyers, doesn't it?

It begins...

The Democrats are all over the DeLay indictment like white on rice....

Some excepts from the DCCC email asking for contributions:

"Today Tom DeLay's House of Scandal took a wrecking ball as he was indicted in Texas for - what else - criminal conspiracy related to illegal corporate fundraising. Tom DeLay, the most powerful Republican the House has ever seen, is under indictment. Senate Leader Bill Frist and White House mastermind Karl Rove are likewise mired in federal investigations.

But Tom DeLay and Bill Frist are not alone in their shady style of governing - it is a systemic problem in the Republican Party that goes far beyond these two men. Tom DeLay's hardnosed influence peddling has permeated the Republican money machine, from the top strategists and committees to the lowliest backbenchers in the Congress. This is the Party that is deciding the fate of the country we love. We cannot allow it to continue. If you contribute $35, $50, or more to the DCCC today, your contribution will be DOUBLED!

Nothing could have highlighted better the reasons for the DCCC's Campaign for Change. The poetic justice of DeLay being indicted on the very anniversary of the self-righteous Contract with America will go down in history as one of the most spectacular falls in American politics, and the closing chapter in the so-called "Republican Revolution."

The days of selling out the American people to big oil and the pharmaceutical industry must end. It is time for a new day, a wholesale change in the House of Representatives. America need not waste its time, resources, and treasure on this culture of corruption any longer.

You'll hear much, much more from us soon. This is only the beginning. Thank you. Sincerely, John LappExecutive Director, DCCC

Please note "their shady style of governing". Wow, the Democrat Party should take a long hard look at California if they think that can run our Country so well. With control over the State and the City of San Diego it's a wonder so much has gone so well for Californians and San Diegans lately. As if....

Dreier to serve as temp House Majority Leader

Here's the link and news, via Drudge: Hastert taps Rep. David Dreier [CA] for leadership duties...

TOM DELAY SAYS HE WILL STEP ASIDE AS HOUSE MAJORITY LEADER FOLLOWING INDICTMENT: 'I have notified the Speaker that I will temporarily step aside from my position as majority leader pursuant to rules of the House Republican Conference and the actions of the Travis County District Attorney today' ...

This is a big vote of confidence for Dreier that he'll need in order to fend off a primary challenge from March next year. (March has hinted that he will challenge Dreier in the Republican primary next year because of Dreier's vote against the cessation of monetary aid to Mexico for not extraditing criminals back to the U.S. March's son, a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles, was killed by a Mexican fugitive.)

Special Election Propositions

With the special election a little more than four weeks away I would like to get all of your comments on what will happen with each Proposition. You can post on all of them, 73-80, or just one. Let us know if you think the proposition will pass or fail and why.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Campbell making last minute push for 50+1

"Jimmy Olson" had this to say in the comments section of a previous post:


D.C congressional staff are boarding flights to OC as we speak in order to walk/phone/etc for Sen. John Campbell.

CA delegation like McKeon, Dreier, Rohrabacher etc are sending staff.

Even a Gilchrist-inclined 48th CD voter like me can see that the reason for the staff exodus isn't because Campbell fears losing the GOP nomination in the primary. McKeon, Dreier (gag), Rohrabacher and the rest of the Establishment are trying to give Campbell an extra boost in the final week of the primary campaign. They want this over in one shot so they can save money and line things up for the next election. The next election I'm talking about isn't the one on November 8th, it's the one in January to succeed Campbell in the State Senate.

The Successor Project seems to be having one hell of a time trying to get Senator Campbell to fill out their questionnaire (see here: And Gilliard has responded with this, courtesy of California Campaigns :

John Campbell has never filled out questionnaires - from any interest group. This policy goes back to his first campaign.

In this congressional campaign we have received 43 special interest group questionnaires, many over 5 pages long and dealing with specific bills before Congress. Filling out these questionnaires would have left John with no time to raise money.

I advised John to raise the money and trash the questionnaires.

But Campbell has been spending a lot of time rebutting arguments that he's had a lack of presence in the district, hasn't given to local Republican candidates, and fails to make primary endorsements of Republican candidates. If he won't answer constituents' questions, won't respond to interest groups, doesn't make himself personally visible in the district, doesn't give to local candidates, and doesn't endorse local candidates, what does he do? Why does it seem to me and many others that Senator Campbell is too hauty to represent us?

YAF's New Fan

From The CA Democratic Majority – Once again, California Republicans are displaying their own unique brand of intra-party unity. Instead of circling the wagons, young GOP vultures, in the form of the rightist CA Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), are circling the Capitol calling for the ouster of Assembly Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the wake of the Republicans lopsided loss in the 53rd AD. The California political blog, “HackNFlak,” ( reported the YAFers had launched a new website,, which posted as its top item: Kern YAF Calls for McCarthy’s “Scalp.”... I guess they weren’t buying McCarthy’s argument that he really “wasn’t playing” in the 53rd AD. The link leads to a pdf entitled “Great Hair, Thinning Leadership” which lists among McCarthy’s “leadership lineage”: “Blows millions of dollars on Assembly candidates with more bankruptcies, lawsuits and name changes than McCarthy has hairstyling gel.” Ouch. With friends like these ... Contact: Roger Salazar 916 444 8897.

What's with The West Wing pseudonyms?

I know the season premiere was Sunday night (NBC 8 post meridiem Pacific), but gosh you guys love your West Wing pseudonyms. We have Will Bailey and Sam Seaborn over at CA-48 and there used to be Josh Lyman on this blog and now there's Ainsley Hayes. We even had a riff about Elsie Snuffin at one point. I'm a huge Republican fan of the show, but I wouldn't stoop to pop culture idolatry by identifying myself with the characters.

(WARNING TO NON-FANS: You won't appreciate or understand the following paragraph.)

This season will be predictable, but exciting. The season premiere began by showing us that Bartlett is still alive two years after leaving the presidency. C.J. Cregg is married with child to Danny Kincannon and they have taken up residence in Santa Monica. Toby Ziegler is teaching at Columbia (and I'm genuinely curious what subject he teaches). Kate Harper has published a book, that Charlie thinks is "hogwash" and Bartlett thought had "beautiful prose." (SPOILER WARNING: I'm predicting it here that the writers have us believe C.J. disclosed information about a top secret militarized space shuttle to a reporter, but it was really Kate or Kate gets to fall on the sword for it. The book talk makes me believe this.) And Will Bailey has graduated from being Chief of Staff to Vice President Russell to junior Congressman and lowly member of the House Committee on Ways and Means. Josh is hurriedly letting Bartlett know the next President has arrived. At the end of the introduction - a spoiler for me - we catch a short glimpse of the next President climbing out of his limo. With TiVo I saw brown hair, and since ALAN ALDA hasn't got brown hair, I'm led to believe Santos becomes el Presidente.

Thankfully, the studio came to its senses in deciding to release The West Wing - The Complete Fifth Season for Region 1 (United States). This, after releasing it in every other region in the world months ago, because those Sub-Saharan Africans can't get enough of their West Wing. (Again, non-fans won't understand.)

Truth and Fiction: Prop 76

Commendations should go out to CTA and CSEA for doing a very good job of hoodwinking even some of the most conservative school board members around the state.

Many school board members are staying neutral out of fear or coming right out and opposing the Live Within Our Means Act. They have the mistaken perception that Prop 76 will hurt education by weakening Prop 98 protections, lead to mid-year education cuts, and give too much authority to the Governor.

In actuality, Prop 76 will stabilize education funding that under the current system that has no "rainy day" fund and thus is overly susceptible to years when tax income decreases.

As to mid year cuts, this is another distortion. If the state is in a major financial deficit, the Legislature gets called back into session to figure a way out of it. If after a month and half, they haven't done anything, the Governor can select where to make the cuts. Those cuts can be selective or across the board. The idea that education would be cut is thrown out there by the unions because they know it would be unpopular, but is not in the initiative.

If anything, this initiative gives greater sway to the Legislature since they get first swing when these special sessions are called. Only if they fail to act does the Governor have the authority to make cut.

Bottom Line - Liberal interests are fighting tooth and nail against Prop 76 because it will drastically reduce the budget crises that occur during economic slowdowns. The biggest argument for a tax increase is a budget deficit. Liberals have to convince the public that drastic cuts will ocurr without a tax increase in order to get public approval. No deficit, no tax increase argument. That's why Democrats and the unions can't afford to see Prop 76 pass, not the false accusations they're throwing around now.

Monday, September 26, 2005


So, what are everybody's predictions for the final results in the 48th?


The Governor in Irvine

Gov. Schwarzenegger was in Irvine today addressing the Orange County Forum before a bipartisan crowd of over 1,000 people.

His initial remarks were a replay of the remarks he made in support of Propositions 74, 75, 76, and 77 at the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim on September 17 with added detail on Prop. 76, the Budget Reform initiative. Both his delivery and its reception were fine, all-in-all, a workmanlike job.

Then the questions were asked.

With the teleprompter off and no filters between the crowd and the governor, any observer could readily see why Arnold Schwarzenegger is a force to be reckoned with. He breathed passion – passion for California and for the job he is determined to see through to its conclusion.

In response to the first question about education reform, the Governor quickly warmed to the topic. Speaking of government employee unions he said, “Since when was government set up to help themselves rather than the people?” He cited the fact that $300 million of yearly education funding in California is spent for government union employees to mow the lawns at schools and maintain the buildings, etc. and that this money is over and above what it would cost if such services were contracted out to open bidding. This is tax money that belongs in the classroom, he asserted.

Becoming more animated as he spoke about government unions, Gov. Schwarzenegger said that lawmakers of both parties had come to him privately and acknowledged the problems facing California and agreeing that something had to be done. But, he said, they, “…went to the union bosses to ask for permission. They said, ‘No, don’t do it, we can crush him.’” Rather than compromise, he said, the government unions are determined to spend over $100 million in false attack ads to keep their power in California.

Then, he said what most politicians think, but few dare to say, “The reason why they are pushing us to spend more is that the union bosses’ dream is to force tax increases so they can then increase their benefits.”

The Governor closed his remarks by challenging the audience, saying, “Ask yourself, are you happy with the way things are right now? If yes, then vote no on the reform initiatives.” For everyone else, the Governor urged them to action, asking them to support his efforts using the same grassroots techniques that pushed the recall over the top in 2003. Calling his reform package a “sequel” to the 2003 recall election, Gov. Schwarzenegger said, “The recall just changed the governor, but it didn’t change the system that brought us this mess.” It is now time to change the system.

The crowd rose to its feet, convinced that more work must be done to save the state.

Cal YAF Launches New Website

Those merry pranskters of the Right, California Young Americans for Freedom, have launched a new website, according to an e-mail I received from Brandon Powers.

If you are a conservative, there are many things to love about YAF. My personal debt of gratitude is to their dedication to keeping alive that classic Cold War contraction, "ChiComs"!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Bill Saracino on Mi Amigo, Nativo Lopez

I posted about this on OC Blog, but since Nativo doesn't confine his machinations to Orange County, I thought this an appropriate forum as well.

I encourage all to read Bill Saracino's article in CPR Online. Bill Saracino is an old GOP hand in Sacramento who has been writing and politicking for the good guys since the 1970s. He often writes for the venerable California Political Review, which prior to the rise of the blogosphere and fine sites like this one, was one of the very few outlets for conservative opinion in the Golden State.

In any case, Bill recently wrote a column on one of my pet peeves, Orange County's race-baiting (and cockfight-promoting) Nativo Lopez. While I realize Nativo is currently in a reduced state politically, I also believe you don't wait until the cancer has metastasized before taking action. I think Bill shares that opinion.

Blogpen gone wild!

OC Blog now has merchandise for sale. Among the many items, the OC Blog Classic Thong caught my eye. Just what every girl wants: Jubal and his penmates on her unmentionables.

Thanks for the laugh guys!

Passage of Prop. 22 is a Weak Argument to Use in Bolstering Marriage

During the debate over Assemblyman Leno’s “Gender-Neutral Marriage” bills, AB 19 and AB 849, some of my colleagues used the argument that since the voters of California passed Prop. 22 with the understanding that it limited marriage to between one man and one woman, we had no business taking the matter up in the Legislature.

Relying on the results of a vote of the people to define or redefine immutable principles sets us on a perilous path.

The popular vote is a fickle mechanism, subject to all sorts of momentary passions and manipulation. Do we really want to maintain that a vote of the people can define marriage? What about other bedrock issues that aim at the core of the American understanding of humanity or Natural Law, such as slavery?

Abraham Lincoln confronted just such an issue during the 1858 race for U.S. Senate in Illinois against Stephen Douglas. In the seven famous Lincoln-Douglas debates Judge Douglas argued that the popular vote should decide the slavery question in the territories. Lincoln demurred, asserting instead that slavery was wrong and no number of votes by the people could change that.

For his support, Lincoln relied on the Declaration of Independence and its claim that “All men are created equal…” Lincoln held that the Declaration’s claim of human equality was an assertion for all people for all time and in all places.

This claim comes from a Natural Law understanding of Man as a creation of God and thus created equal before the eyes of God. Any other understanding of Man and the social contract, such as that held by the Progressives who deny such truths, relying instead on the precepts of Darwin, Hegel, and Kant, leads inevitably towards gulags, concentration camps, slavery, and genocide. After all, if humans are unequal in their worth (i.e. subhuman) why not dominate and exploit?

The Constitution, being a practical political document, did not live up the promise of the Declaration in 1787 as to do so would have meant the immediate dissolution and death of the new nation. The Constitution made three allowances for the “peculiar institution” of slavery. Even so, and especially after the Dred Scott decision in 1857, Lincoln relied on the Declaration, the foundational document that preceded the Constitution, as his basis for arguing that slavery was unjust regardless of a popular vote.

President Lincoln was to complete this thought during the Gettysburg Address when he said, “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” In this statement, we see that certain principles transcend all things. Thus, a vote of the people in a democratic republic based on rule of law cannot override certain foundational rights or truths.

Allowing same sex marriage, or marriage under Islamic law (one man to up to four women), or marriage between siblings, or marriage between an adult and a ten-year-old – none of these are marriage, nor can they be under Natural Law as originally conceived of by the Founders and accepted in Western tradition for millennia.

The proper argument to be made in a republic founded on the principles of the Declaration of Independence is that we cannot make right what is inherently wrong. Abraham Lincoln made this argument time and time again.

Most simply put, traditional marriage is not discriminatory at all: any two people of the opposite sex who are old enough and not closely related can marry of their own free will. They can marry whether or not they may have feelings towards those of the same sex – so long as they marry someone of the opposite sex. It is very simple and very nondiscriminatory.

Lastly, if we were to pass into law “gender-neutral” marriage, can any of us really deny the inevitability of a believing traditionalist Muslim bringing a Constitutional suit via the Fourteenth Amendment that his First Amendment rights for free exercise of religion were being violated? The ACLU would likely lead the charge.

In closing, it is worthwhile to recount that the Republican Party’s 1856 platform included the principle of opposing, “those twin relics of barbarism – Polygamy and Slavery.” It might be argued that polygamy or gender-neutral marriage is a personal matter of sex and family. Regardless, such personal matters impact society. And, with increasing evidence from Europe that a loosened definition of marriage leads to a dramatic increase in out-of-wedlock births, divorce, and other social ills, can we, as a nation, really afford to declare what is inherently wrong is instead right? Is behavior such as polygamy or gender-neutral marriage a natural right? This is the key question as natural rights are those things governments are supposed to secure. (“That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”)

Rosario Marin -- Class Act

John Myers at Capitol Notes reports that Rosario Marin will co-chair Schwarzenegger's "Latino Coalition Campaign," which apparently will boast a "seven figure" Spanish language ad budget in addition to grassroots outreach.

Considering the Governor stiff-armed her U.S. Senate candidacy in favor of the abysmal Bill Jones, Rosario shows real class by agreeing to co-chair this effort for the Guv. Hopefully, Schwarzenegger will remember it next time Marin takes a shot at elective office.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What About The Economy?

California's economy is booming, businesses are thriving, and residents are generally happy. Or so our polls and research would lead us to believe.

On the other hand, I am seeing that the average person in California has not received a raise (and they don't get a COLA). No one has any savings account (save what perceived equity might be in their house), and the price of fuel is hitting most people hard.

It was nice to see that the Sacramento Bee had an article with a similar view. Article Here.

Contrary to Greenspan's comments, there are many people (maybe more than I think) that do not believe the economy is booming, and rather, that it is on the edge of a precipice. Is Hurricane Rita going to be enough to push it over the edge? (We may lose another 20% of our refining capacity).

Maybe we should start looking at the economy as a problem. As much as I am unhappy with the immigration problems California faces, I think our economy should be considered the primary concern.


The more things change, the more things stay the same

I'm only posting a link to this article because of its value now as entertainment, as history of what is seemingly a bygone era with bygone hostilities.

Here it is via Drudge: FBI: Lennon too stoned to be a threat...

Of course, leftist rock n roll stars will never kick their affinity for marijuana.

John Gittelsohn Leaves OC Register Capitol Bureau

From today's Capitol Morning Report

Orange County Register reporter John Gittelsohn is leaving the paper’s Capitol bureau Friday for a desk in the Santa Ana newsroom. He came to Sacramento from Orange County last February expecting to be joined later by his wife, Debbie Belgum, a reporter/editor for a weekly paper that covers the California apparel industry. But she had second thoughts and decided not to follow. So back home he goes.

He says he enjoyed covering the “sausage factory” that is the Capitol, referring to the old adage about it being best not to see how laws and sausages are made. Gittelsohn says he’ll continue reporting on state politics through the special election, but he’s not sure of what’s next. “I’ll either be covering rich people or immigrants, the Orange County divide,” he says.

The Register isn’t likely to fill his slot in the Capitol bureau, he says, dropping it from a five person bureau to four. The four are Editor Holly Heyser, Bureau Chief Kimberly Kindy and Reporters Hanh Kim Quach and Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson.

Say Goodbye to Gittelsohn at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Chops. Contact: Gittelsohn 916.449.6048

R.I.P. Mickey Conroy

Below are two obituaries.

Orange County Register's: Mickey Conroy, 77, Orange lawmaker

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore's (sorry, I'm scooping you here Chuck):

The OC Blog post has the schedule of services.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

48th & 35th

Sounds like an intersection.

Points were scored by Keith Carlson for his gig as Alicia Robinson's new go to voice for official commentary in: Local politics full of action. He seems to echo what's been said here and on other blogs.

Thankfully, Robinson took OC Blog's advise and ditched the out of touch tenured radical, Mark Petracca, of UC Irvine's Political Science Department as a respected pundit on local politics.

Re: Mock Vote

I think we need to close the poll on this one. It's obvious there's been some tampering. I will grant the McCarthy stalwarts, Assemblyman DeVore included, the current Minority Leader was ahead early in the poll, when most Republicans show up. (There was no absentee voting here, so I'm not considering it.)

Instead of assisting Walters, what I believe the tamperers were trying to do, it really turned her prospect for leader into a joke. I like Mimi, so I am not appreciative. Next time guys and gals try to make the vote realistic.

San Diego - Primary Ground Zero

Everyone knows that an open Congressional is a four-leaf clover for California electeds. With the retirement of Congressman Cunningham in San Diego, a number of people are now eyeballing this seat. Assembly Member Mark Wyland, Senator Bill Morrow, fmr Assembly Members Charlene Zettel (albeit unlikely) and Howard Kaloogian, Supervisor Pam Slater etc. With San Diego already being a hotbed of open seats for next June, the domino effect from this race will be significant. Kaloogian would be wiser to opt for the Senate race should Wyland run for Congress, but considering he viewed himself viable fo US Senate, don't expect it. Wyland, Kaloogian and Morrow are all solid conservatives who would split up that base should they all run, creating an opening for someone like Zettel or Slater. Depending on how the field actually forms, this one could go moderate or conservative.

From Today's Capitol Morning Report

Capitol Morning Report, Page Three
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
The political blog Hack N Flak reports that Asm. Chuck DeVore has joined its blogpen and posted his first blog Tuesday under his own name, sparking immediate online comments. “Is this a pseudonym?” asked one surprised reader who was used to how other site contributors choose to operate under pen names. Another said: “Chucky D, you’re next Minority Leader!!”

Hack N Flak administrator, who goes by the name Will Bailey, a character on the West Wing, then announced that Assemblyman DeVore was indeed the author and had joined the blog’s seven other writers. Succeeding comments wondered “How in the hell was this accomplished?!” and “Chuck DeVore posting on an Anti- McCarthy site – I smell an overthrow brewing! DeVore for leader.”

DeVore himself piped in: “I decided to join the HNF blogpen because: 1. I was asked. 2. This site it under new management and promises to have more policy discussion and less rumor mongering. As for leader, I support Kevin McCarthy. Period.”

Bailey explained that the blog has been active for about four months but the previous administrator had decided to close the site until Bailey took over as administrator last week. Bailey said getting DeVore on as a blogger is part of his effort to improve the site.

The blog is at Contact: Will Bailey


I looks like the New Hack N Flak is now back up and running at full speed. I have attempted to recruit new contributors from across the state who will be able to give us a wide range of posts. Besides Assemblyman DeVore we have added four new contributors in the last couple of days. Dagny and Hannibal are political operatives and can give us insight into campaigns and policy issues in their area. Kettle Black was a frequent poster on this site and others who, at the suggestion of Silence, I asked to join as a contributor.

However the I am most excited about our latest addition, direct form OCBlog the one and only Jubal.

To all Welcome, now get blogging!

Mock Vote

I set up a mock vote tool offsite for the purpose of determining current viewer's preferences for Assembly Republican Leader. It seemed that my last posting drifted a little bit off topic.

The only suggestions that I have seen for replacing McCarthy have been DeVore and Walters. So, the choices are limited. (I did leave the option of "other" available).

Vote Here

On the credentialing

For as prehistoric as Democrats like to think we are, they certainly aren't recognizing that they've had their rear ends handed to them in new media (talk radio, blogs). I have yet to see a big story broken over the internet by a lefty blogger. None in the realm of Swift Boat Vets or Rathergate or Lewinsky or John Kerry's purple hearts, et cetera. You know why? Because they all have meager paying jobs writing for lefty news publications. They can easily find positions in old media, an old media with a declining circulation. Like Old Europe, with all its regulations and political correctness, old media will be surpassed in the 21st Century.

Convention coverage

Ken Masugi over at the Claremont Institute's Local Liberty Blog has a great post ( listing credentialed bloggers who covered the convention. (The CRP at least had the foresight to start credentialing bloggers to cover its events. Awesome.) Some of the posts are good, but I have a feeling the Hack n Flak politicos who are intimately aware of the political atmosphere could analyze it better. Obviously, we can't match the photos, but the analysis CAN be beat.

Decs & Cons

A friend of mine got a little copy of the Declaration and Constitution of the U.S. "Compliments of Assemblyman Chuck DeVore" over the weekend? Appropriate, since it was Constitution Day last week. I'm just wondering if anyone happened to get extras? I'm interested in acquiring one for my bizarre collection of political paraphernalia.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If Not McCarthy, Then Who?

There is no doubt that we will continue to hear about the apparent incompetence or conspiracies surrounding Assembly Republican Leader McCarthy. Some are saying McCarthy is going to use the loss on Mary Jo as an example to garner support for Arnold's redistricting plan. And then there are some that say he is just incompetent.

The obvious question is who in the Assembly could do a better job?

In other words, if we get rid of McCarthy, who replaces him?


The Rules

I see two sides to this issue of "censorship."

I certainly agree that arbitrary removal of comments is unacceptable, especially if comments contain juicy morsels of insider information that all of us can enjoy.


I agree with Will that there should also be a code of conduct observed.

I think it's best we follow the military with the "Don't ask, don't tell" rule for comments on sexual behavior. Unless there are serious political implications involved in said sexual behavior or misbehavior, I don't want to hear about it. (Example: I don't want to hear about how great one's ass is or how hot you are.)

I also think there shouldn't be any "anonymous" comments. If you work in politics and you aren't creative enough to think up a pseudonym, you have no business in politics or commenting here.

With rules in place, no one can argue that there's censorship going on, at least not of the ideological kind.

Hack N Flak Code of Conduct

I have seen some comments from a long time poster about various comments being deleted on the new HNF. Let me state for the record right now that this Blog is not the same as it used to be. Will we still comment on the rumors that run amok in California politics--of course--will we allow this site to be dragged into the gutter and let people use it for personal vendettas, no.

I believe this site can be the premier site for California Political Blogs. If you want to contribute to that we welcome you, if you don't go elsewhere. Assemblyman DeVore is the first of many notable contributors that will be joining the new HNF. We will not be able to attract quality bloggers if this site is thought of as a rumor mongering rag.

So, if you have something constructive to say about the post of topic you are welcome. However, if all you want to do is be combative and destructive go away.

How is it...

That Assemblyman DeVore's been a contributor on this blog for all of a couple hours and he's already posted twice (once on deck, once below in the comments) and some of the sidebar contributors haven't posted at all? Come on folks! You can't just join the ranks of Hack n Flak to say you're a part of it. You have to post.

It's like the eighth and final rule of Fight Club: If this is your first night at Fight Club, you have to fight.

Huge Addittion For the HNF BlogPen


I want to announce a HUGE addittion to the HNF family. As you can all see from the post below, California State Assemblyman Chuck Devore has joined Hack N Flak as a contributor.

Assemblyman welcome, we look forward to your insightful posts.

Governor Schwarzenegger Calls the Troops to Battle – And Brings His Own Ammo

The past few days have seen Gov. Schwarzenegger declare for reelection, endorse Proposition 75 and announce that he will spend a few million dollars of his own wealth to boost his reform measures on the November 8 special election ballot.

This burst of activity presages the close of an unprecedented fourth year of non-stop political warfare in California.

2002 was the high water mark of the Democrat Party in California. While it’s hard to imagine now, after the Dem sweep former Gov. Gray Davis was being touted as Presidential material. Then came the 2003 recall when hubris was repaid with embarrassment. 2004 was a stalemate year as the forces of the status quo, aided by gerrymandered districts, locked down all 153 congressional and legislative seats. This year opened with the governor calling for budget, pension, teacher tenure, and redistricting reforms, only to see the majority Democrats in the Legislature go back on the offensive, backed by tens of millions of dollars of union attack ads.

Today Gov. Schwarzenegger’s political viability comes down to seven weeks of tooth-and-tong fighting over California’s direction for the next two decades. Despite approval ratings in the mid-30s, Schwarzenegger remains a potent force with several factors weighing in his favor: his ability to focus the public on issues of his choosing, his ability to raise money, and his opponents (who can be counted on to revive the Governor with extreme left positions out of touch with Californians).

I believe Paycheck Protection will pass and that the Governor will win enough of his reform measures to boost his momentum going into the 2006 reelection effort – a year that will mark the fifth and final straight year of political warfare in California and a year that will mark the beginning of a true realignment in California politics.

Monday, September 19, 2005

CRP Convention Winner and Losers

In anticipation of Jon Fleischman’s famous “Convention Winners and Losers” column that usually appears in the FlashReport the Thursday following each CRP Convention, I thought I’d add in my top 3: a winner and two losers.

Winner: Paycheck Protection

With Arnold now fully involved in the campaign, Paycheck Protection gets a big bump. It could feasibly still suffer the same fate as Prop 226, but it wont be because of a lack of funds.

Loser: Gilliard, Blanning, Wysocki, and Associates Clients

Word spread throughout the convention that GBWA has been playing games with their clients, putting each client’s prospective candidacies in jeopardy.

Apparently, after last year’s much publicized transfer of power of the Non-Partisan Candidate Evaluation Council slate card from GBWA to Bpark Consulting, GBWA has stopped inquiring about purchasing any of the Bpark Consulting-managed slates, which include the Save Proposition 13 Newsletter, the OC Fire Authority slate card, and the new California Club for Growth slate.

Any of GBWA’s clients might want to give Dave or Chris a call and tell them to stop putting them in the middle of the firm’s bickering.

Loser: Dora Kingsley

Not to turn HackNFlack into the Parsky Watch, but Dora’s door drop of a flyer opposing Prop 77 is a sad reminder of how far Dora has fallen since being anointed as consultant for the President’s California go-to guy.

(see press release here)

Slob Rutzman who?

I heard a lot of people in conversation over the weekend wondering the identity of one "Slob Rutzman," an hilarious pseudonym created by someone who's obviously in the know. Roger Salazar even mentions him/her over at CalRaces. Rutzman is always on message and that message is always funny.

So I ask:

1) Would Mr. Rutzman be interested in blogging more consistently? On Hack n Flak?

2) Would Mr. Rutzman please email me at with a response?

From Our Good Friends at OCBlog

Our good friends at OC BLOG asked us to link to some of their own investigative reporting. Kuddos to these guys for this piece.


I would like to welcome Silence Doggod and Kettle Black to HNF. Both have been posting comments here for some time now and Silence once had his/her own blog covering Orange County as well as statewide political stuff. Both will be excellent additions for HNF.

The new "improved" hacknflak

The well-known and well-read hacknflak is back after being knocked down under suspicious circumstances.

And the thing that I "like" the best about the new hacknflak is that I will get to be one of the contributors alongside the likes of Will Bailey and Silence DoGood...

Of course, I know that I will have to limit my discussions on that board to the political theme that hacknflak is known for... So, all of my ancillary comments will have to go on the Kettle Black blog.

Good luck to hacknflak... And you can bet with the current lineup, and others that will join the hacknflak blog, that it will continue increasing its readership!


CRP Convention

What a convention. The only thing I do not like about these things is the drive home on Sunday. I am always trying to remember what her name was and exactly what we did. I usually can't remember. I do not know if that is because of the alcohol or just selective amnesia. With that said if any of you would like to give us insight into past or present CRP convention stories we would like to hear them. Please no vulgarity.

HNF Back to Stay


I appreciate the comments and emails that I have received regarding this site. I have asked a select group of past and new contributors to start posting to this site. Some have accepted some declined. I want you all to know that this site will never censor anyone. We will still require that you use a moniker or put a name on your posts. Abusive comments posted under anonymous may be deleted at the discretion of the administrator. With that if there is anyone out there that thinks they have what it takes to join the HNF BlogPen give me an email. I don't need to know your real name, just give me some examples of your posting style and we will go from there.

PS. If the comment says deleted by author that means that whoever posted the comment deleted it themselves. If it says deleted by administrator it was deleted by the site.

The Point?


I have gotten such a mixed regard for this blog since registering my interest in seeing it live on. Some merely see it as another gossip rag, lacking the serious discussions we would all like to think we are capable of having. Some see it as a place to blow off steam while singing along to the durge of their paper-pushing bureaucratic jobs in Sacramento. Some love it. Many are confused by its recent demise.

I jumped in, perhaps overzealously, to agreeing to get back into active blogging for Hack n Flak because I saw it as an excellent porthole to the real goings on of the Capitol. Where I come from (Orange County), that's hard to come by without having legislative staffers on speed dial.

So, what will it be?

I could start divulging what I witnessed at the convention, or, I could give in to the harpies and let go of what was a great blog. To proceed with the former would be to assume that eventually Will would be able to enlist the contributions of other pundits. I don't aim to write for Hack n Flak forever, but only until the list of contributors is reconstituted. To proceed with the latter would take little work. To be frank, I don't really have the time for this.

It's up to you.

Yours in liberty,


Friday, September 16, 2005

Hack n Flak Will Never Die

I do not know what happened to the administrator of this site. The blog was here one minute and gone the next. Never fear though this site will continue!!! I invite all of the past contributors to email me at and I will send you a link to reactiviate your profile.

This site has already been recognized nationally as one of the top sites in California. I plan to continue that tradition and add to it.


Where did they all go?

I do not know what happened to my fellow bloggers but I could not let this site die!