Friday, September 23, 2005

Bill Saracino on Mi Amigo, Nativo Lopez

I posted about this on OC Blog, but since Nativo doesn't confine his machinations to Orange County, I thought this an appropriate forum as well.

I encourage all to read Bill Saracino's article in CPR Online. Bill Saracino is an old GOP hand in Sacramento who has been writing and politicking for the good guys since the 1970s. He often writes for the venerable California Political Review, which prior to the rise of the blogosphere and fine sites like this one, was one of the very few outlets for conservative opinion in the Golden State.

In any case, Bill recently wrote a column on one of my pet peeves, Orange County's race-baiting (and cockfight-promoting) Nativo Lopez. While I realize Nativo is currently in a reduced state politically, I also believe you don't wait until the cancer has metastasized before taking action. I think Bill shares that opinion.