Thursday, September 29, 2005

Calling Jackie Goldberg! Earth to Jackie Goldberg!

The OC Register has an article in today's paper that caught my eye.

Here's the link: $1,455 per student for laptops called too high

The Fullerton case should bolster the defense of two hundred-plus page books in our schools, should Assemblything Jackie Goldberg ever decide to propose her silly bill again. Let's see ... roughly 6 million 300 thousand kids enrolled in California's public schools (see: ... multiply that by $1,400 ... hmmm ... yeah ... $8,820,000,000. Almost $9 billion more appropriated for education. Jackie, I think that exceeds Prop. 98 requirements. Naughty, naughty.

This, in addition to the troubling elimination of some of America's - indeed, the world's - most prized literature and the lining of the publishing industry's pockets (they'd be able to print multiple installments/editions, resulting in more books purchased, each with separate binding costs).