Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Campbell making last minute push for 50+1

"Jimmy Olson" had this to say in the comments section of a previous post:


D.C congressional staff are boarding flights to OC as we speak in order to walk/phone/etc for Sen. John Campbell.

CA delegation like McKeon, Dreier, Rohrabacher etc are sending staff.

Even a Gilchrist-inclined 48th CD voter like me can see that the reason for the staff exodus isn't because Campbell fears losing the GOP nomination in the primary. McKeon, Dreier (gag), Rohrabacher and the rest of the Establishment are trying to give Campbell an extra boost in the final week of the primary campaign. They want this over in one shot so they can save money and line things up for the next election. The next election I'm talking about isn't the one on November 8th, it's the one in January to succeed Campbell in the State Senate.

The Successor Project seems to be having one hell of a time trying to get Senator Campbell to fill out their questionnaire (see here: http://www.ocblog.net/ocblog/2005/09/the_plot_thicke.html). And Gilliard has responded with this, courtesy of California Campaigns :

John Campbell has never filled out questionnaires - from any interest group. This policy goes back to his first campaign.

In this congressional campaign we have received 43 special interest group questionnaires, many over 5 pages long and dealing with specific bills before Congress. Filling out these questionnaires would have left John with no time to raise money.

I advised John to raise the money and trash the questionnaires.

But Campbell has been spending a lot of time rebutting arguments that he's had a lack of presence in the district, hasn't given to local Republican candidates, and fails to make primary endorsements of Republican candidates. If he won't answer constituents' questions, won't respond to interest groups, doesn't make himself personally visible in the district, doesn't give to local candidates, and doesn't endorse local candidates, what does he do? Why does it seem to me and many others that Senator Campbell is too hauty to represent us?