Monday, September 19, 2005

CRP Convention Winner and Losers

In anticipation of Jon Fleischman’s famous “Convention Winners and Losers” column that usually appears in the FlashReport the Thursday following each CRP Convention, I thought I’d add in my top 3: a winner and two losers.

Winner: Paycheck Protection

With Arnold now fully involved in the campaign, Paycheck Protection gets a big bump. It could feasibly still suffer the same fate as Prop 226, but it wont be because of a lack of funds.

Loser: Gilliard, Blanning, Wysocki, and Associates Clients

Word spread throughout the convention that GBWA has been playing games with their clients, putting each client’s prospective candidacies in jeopardy.

Apparently, after last year’s much publicized transfer of power of the Non-Partisan Candidate Evaluation Council slate card from GBWA to Bpark Consulting, GBWA has stopped inquiring about purchasing any of the Bpark Consulting-managed slates, which include the Save Proposition 13 Newsletter, the OC Fire Authority slate card, and the new California Club for Growth slate.

Any of GBWA’s clients might want to give Dave or Chris a call and tell them to stop putting them in the middle of the firm’s bickering.

Loser: Dora Kingsley

Not to turn HackNFlack into the Parsky Watch, but Dora’s door drop of a flyer opposing Prop 77 is a sad reminder of how far Dora has fallen since being anointed as consultant for the President’s California go-to guy.

(see press release here)