Wednesday, September 21, 2005

From Today's Capitol Morning Report

Capitol Morning Report, Page Three
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
The political blog Hack N Flak reports that Asm. Chuck DeVore has joined its blogpen and posted his first blog Tuesday under his own name, sparking immediate online comments. “Is this a pseudonym?” asked one surprised reader who was used to how other site contributors choose to operate under pen names. Another said: “Chucky D, you’re next Minority Leader!!”

Hack N Flak administrator, who goes by the name Will Bailey, a character on the West Wing, then announced that Assemblyman DeVore was indeed the author and had joined the blog’s seven other writers. Succeeding comments wondered “How in the hell was this accomplished?!” and “Chuck DeVore posting on an Anti- McCarthy site – I smell an overthrow brewing! DeVore for leader.”

DeVore himself piped in: “I decided to join the HNF blogpen because: 1. I was asked. 2. This site it under new management and promises to have more policy discussion and less rumor mongering. As for leader, I support Kevin McCarthy. Period.”

Bailey explained that the blog has been active for about four months but the previous administrator had decided to close the site until Bailey took over as administrator last week. Bailey said getting DeVore on as a blogger is part of his effort to improve the site.

The blog is at Contact: Will Bailey