Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It begins...

The Democrats are all over the DeLay indictment like white on rice....

Some excepts from the DCCC email asking for contributions:

"Today Tom DeLay's House of Scandal took a wrecking ball as he was indicted in Texas for - what else - criminal conspiracy related to illegal corporate fundraising. Tom DeLay, the most powerful Republican the House has ever seen, is under indictment. Senate Leader Bill Frist and White House mastermind Karl Rove are likewise mired in federal investigations.

But Tom DeLay and Bill Frist are not alone in their shady style of governing - it is a systemic problem in the Republican Party that goes far beyond these two men. Tom DeLay's hardnosed influence peddling has permeated the Republican money machine, from the top strategists and committees to the lowliest backbenchers in the Congress. This is the Party that is deciding the fate of the country we love. We cannot allow it to continue. If you contribute $35, $50, or more to the DCCC today, your contribution will be DOUBLED!

Nothing could have highlighted better the reasons for the DCCC's Campaign for Change. The poetic justice of DeLay being indicted on the very anniversary of the self-righteous Contract with America will go down in history as one of the most spectacular falls in American politics, and the closing chapter in the so-called "Republican Revolution."

The days of selling out the American people to big oil and the pharmaceutical industry must end. It is time for a new day, a wholesale change in the House of Representatives. America need not waste its time, resources, and treasure on this culture of corruption any longer.

You'll hear much, much more from us soon. This is only the beginning. Thank you. Sincerely, John LappExecutive Director, DCCC

Please note "their shady style of governing". Wow, the Democrat Party should take a long hard look at California if they think that can run our Country so well. With control over the State and the City of San Diego it's a wonder so much has gone so well for Californians and San Diegans lately. As if....