Wednesday, September 21, 2005

San Diego - Primary Ground Zero

Everyone knows that an open Congressional is a four-leaf clover for California electeds. With the retirement of Congressman Cunningham in San Diego, a number of people are now eyeballing this seat. Assembly Member Mark Wyland, Senator Bill Morrow, fmr Assembly Members Charlene Zettel (albeit unlikely) and Howard Kaloogian, Supervisor Pam Slater etc. With San Diego already being a hotbed of open seats for next June, the domino effect from this race will be significant. Kaloogian would be wiser to opt for the Senate race should Wyland run for Congress, but considering he viewed himself viable fo US Senate, don't expect it. Wyland, Kaloogian and Morrow are all solid conservatives who would split up that base should they all run, creating an opening for someone like Zettel or Slater. Depending on how the field actually forms, this one could go moderate or conservative.