Thursday, September 22, 2005

What About The Economy?

California's economy is booming, businesses are thriving, and residents are generally happy. Or so our polls and research would lead us to believe.

On the other hand, I am seeing that the average person in California has not received a raise (and they don't get a COLA). No one has any savings account (save what perceived equity might be in their house), and the price of fuel is hitting most people hard.

It was nice to see that the Sacramento Bee had an article with a similar view. Article Here.

Contrary to Greenspan's comments, there are many people (maybe more than I think) that do not believe the economy is booming, and rather, that it is on the edge of a precipice. Is Hurricane Rita going to be enough to push it over the edge? (We may lose another 20% of our refining capacity).

Maybe we should start looking at the economy as a problem. As much as I am unhappy with the immigration problems California faces, I think our economy should be considered the primary concern.