Tuesday, September 27, 2005

What's with The West Wing pseudonyms?

I know the season premiere was Sunday night (NBC 8 post meridiem Pacific), but gosh you guys love your West Wing pseudonyms. We have Will Bailey and Sam Seaborn over at CA-48 and there used to be Josh Lyman on this blog and now there's Ainsley Hayes. We even had a riff about Elsie Snuffin at one point. I'm a huge Republican fan of the show, but I wouldn't stoop to pop culture idolatry by identifying myself with the characters.

(WARNING TO NON-FANS: You won't appreciate or understand the following paragraph.)

This season will be predictable, but exciting. The season premiere began by showing us that Bartlett is still alive two years after leaving the presidency. C.J. Cregg is married with child to Danny Kincannon and they have taken up residence in Santa Monica. Toby Ziegler is teaching at Columbia (and I'm genuinely curious what subject he teaches). Kate Harper has published a book, that Charlie thinks is "hogwash" and Bartlett thought had "beautiful prose." (SPOILER WARNING: I'm predicting it here that the writers have us believe C.J. disclosed information about a top secret militarized space shuttle to a reporter, but it was really Kate or Kate gets to fall on the sword for it. The book talk makes me believe this.) And Will Bailey has graduated from being Chief of Staff to Vice President Russell to junior Congressman and lowly member of the House Committee on Ways and Means. Josh is hurriedly letting Bartlett know the next President has arrived. At the end of the introduction - a spoiler for me - we catch a short glimpse of the next President climbing out of his limo. With TiVo I saw brown hair, and since ALAN ALDA hasn't got brown hair, I'm led to believe Santos becomes el Presidente.

Thankfully, the studio came to its senses in deciding to release The West Wing - The Complete Fifth Season for Region 1 (United States). This, after releasing it in every other region in the world months ago, because those Sub-Saharan Africans can't get enough of their West Wing. (Again, non-fans won't understand.)