Tuesday, September 27, 2005

YAF's New Fan

From The CA Democratic Majority – Once again, California Republicans are displaying their own unique brand of intra-party unity. Instead of circling the wagons, young GOP vultures, in the form of the rightist CA Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), are circling the Capitol calling for the ouster of Assembly Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the wake of the Republicans lopsided loss in the 53rd AD. The California political blog, “HackNFlak,” (www.hacknflak.blogspot.com) reported the YAFers had launched a new website, www.calyaf.org, which posted as its top item: Kern YAF Calls for McCarthy’s “Scalp.”... I guess they weren’t buying McCarthy’s argument that he really “wasn’t playing” in the 53rd AD. The link leads to a pdf entitled “Great Hair, Thinning Leadership” which lists among McCarthy’s “leadership lineage”: “Blows millions of dollars on Assembly candidates with more bankruptcies, lawsuits and name changes than McCarthy has hairstyling gel.” Ouch. With friends like these ... Contact: Roger Salazar 916 444 8897.