Monday, October 10, 2005

Ask Dave – How Many Signatures?

Reports keep trickling out, like water from a broken spigot… The initiative to qualify the California Border Police isn’t looking so good.

As was first reported at CaliforniaCampaigns, reports have it that GBWA, the firm running the initiative campaign, hasn’t been able to keep up with signature gathering levels that would be required to qualify the initiative.

This shouldn’t be a big shock. The fact of the matter is that today, only paid efforts make the ballot. And CBP isn’t paying signature gatherers.

News reports have put their fundraising efforts at $230,000, which even if put entirely to signature gathering would cover less than 25% of the effort.

They have until December 12 to qualify the initiative (which, by the way, goes through the annual political dead period between Thanksgiving and New Years).

My question is this – Dave, how many signatures do you have?

I encourage others to ask him this as well.

Yours in Freedom,
Anthony Afterwit