Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Buzz on the 35th SD

Martin Wisckol has a good column in today's Orange County Register that talks about election possibilities in West Orange County in the next few months. Two words come to mind: voter fatigue.

I'll echo what I said over on OC Blog a week ago, because Wisckol - again - mentioned his interest in it. "The Delecia Holt swipe is deliciously cruel. Jubal and Martin should be ashamed for snickering." Holt is an African-American woman who ran as a write-in to replace Chris Cox. She claimed she sent 600,000 fliers to residents of the 48th CD. Yes, that's roughly 200,000 more than every voter in the district. Yes, it's sad she spent the money on a write-in campaign for a 17 candidate ballot. Yes, her website was extensively weird. But I still give her points for trying.

"OC Native" at OC Blog suggested Holt would need "3,055,950,000 fliers" to win.

NEXT CHALLENGE: If Campbell were to pay "volunteers" ten dollars an hour to print, fold, insert, stamp and mail all of Delecia Holt's fliers, how much money would he have to spend? (Counting postage)