Monday, October 17, 2005

The Capitol Weekly - Salary Edition

With as many leg. staffers frequenting these blogs during the doldrums of interim, I am amazed there wasn't one word said about the annual Capitol Weekly listing of all legislative staff salaries.

That edition usually flies of the newsracks with amazing speed as staffers of all stripes huddle around their offices comparing and remarking about the over and underpaid.

While I am not going to blow up anyone's particular salary here (someone else can, usually the criticism centers around the bloated Chief of Staff wages), I am a bit embarrassed at the pay disparity between Democrats and Republicans.

I do feel bad for some of my Reep friends that do the same jobs as their Dem counterparts but make half as much. It is about time for some parity - hell they have to live, eat, and pay taxes too.

I am just curious and amazed at the lack of interest in this year's Leg. Staff salary edition. Oh well, my amazement will continue.

Go SC -- Great game boys. XO