Monday, October 24, 2005

Central Valley has more in the water than just flouride

Drudge has this story: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate: We Just Want To Stay White!...

These girls are from Bakersfield - not Selma, Bakersfield! Pay especially close attention to the part where the article mentions the Bureau of Livestock Identification allowed the father to register the swastika as a cattle brand. I'm all for free speech, but yikes. The day when neo-Nazis start going about smartly advocating their dangerous message through pop culture is a day to worry.

You don't need the NAACP to tell you that this is wrong. It just is.

I think it's about time public officials got back to what they once did: lead the people. Public officials used to lead people, lead movements, lead perception. What happened? It is an obvious lack of leadership in the Central Valley that has allowed something like this to flourish.