Friday, October 07, 2005

Consider the source

While I agree with much of Marvin's most recent post, I beg to differ on the national news comment regarding Nativo.

In the last three months the guy has been in the new york sun, the American Spectator, Business Mexico, Yahoo News, Hispanic Business, Scripps, the Daily Standard, Voices magazine, to name just a few. Some of the articles are pro-Nativo, which means the MSM still considers him a credible source when writing a story.

Additionally, look at the official voter information guide, Nativo has undeserved clout enough to warrant being listed in the Prop 77 ballot argument. I'll even give him credit for showing up at the state GOP convention to appear bipartisan..

Despite that appearance, he's been an influencial Democrat operative for quite some time. His voter registration operations have been investigated as have several other activities. I can understand why Marvin would want us to look the way and stop bringing him up, but consider the source. She doesn't exactly have the Republican's best interest at heart.