Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The D.C. Disconnect

Perusing the Flashreport (already linked on the BlogRoll) this morning I stumbled upon the disconnected D.C rambling of a beltway boy named Jason Roe. He was lamenting about Prop 77 and how this initiative will destroy the GOP. In the interest of full disclosure, even as a Dem I support Prop 77 cause I think it has strong merits.

He blathers on and on about how Prop 77's passage will throw the California electoral process into deeper abyss (uh, wake up Mr. Roe, obviously the polluted Potomac is clouding your brain and you haven't noticed that CA is ALREADY at the bottom of this abyss) and will lead to the GOP losing congressional seats in California.

My analysis of his Mad Magazine worthy musings is this -

1. If the GOP's control of the HofR rests on California, you have much greater problems than Prop 77.

2. The National GOP is so frightened of ANY competitive races in California becasue of money and manpower that they even grimace at the thought of campaigns in districts that would likely tilt in their favor.

3. The naivete of Mr. Roe and other beltway elitists of BOTH parties is evident when they attempt to opine about the California body politic. If you disagree, give an example from a campaign by EITHER party when the words, "Don't worry, some people from D.C. are coming to resurrect the campaign!", was met with cheers and optimism from us California campaign "neopytes" ?