Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dr Phil To Drop Out?

Word over at CaliforniaCampaigns is that Dr. Phil Kurzner plans to drop out of the race for Insurance Commissioner this week. This leaves just 2002’s candidate Gary Mendoza and the billionaire Steve Poizner.

From where I sit, the big winner in this is Poizner. Phil and his supporters were nothing but thorns in Steve’s side. But with them gone, Steve just has Mendoza left to dispose of. And I just cannot wrap my head around the thought of a Dick Riordan-clone exciting the base enough to take on Poizner and his uber bucks.

Runner-up in this is Phil, who brought his name to lots of new people, did a respectable job of putting on what was an uphill battle from the beginning, and likely got some sort of promise out of the Governor for this.

The big loser: Russo, Marsh, Rogers. They are left with another cycle without a candidate, and are becoming less and less relevant. Sal is being replaced by younger, more energetic consultants.

Sad, as Sal is generally a really good guy, and a true movement guy.