Monday, October 03, 2005

FlashReport goes global

Congratulations to Jon Fleischman for launching the long-awaited FlashReport website! It looks great. An added bonus is that Hack n Flak has been added to the Blog Roll of sites Fleischman believes are necessary reading on the California political environment. It is an honor to be included with the likes of John Fund, Steve Greenhut, Peggy Noonan, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Dan Weintraub, and Walter Williams.

The FlashReport has been around since April 2001 as simply a massive e-newsletter. The list of recipients is no doubt long and cumbersome for Fleischman to maintain, so a website should allow him to spend more time on searching for news you can use instead of on the distribution process. And while there have been many attempts to compete with the FlashReport (Steve Frank's CA Political News and Views and Tom Del Beccaro's Political Vanguard immediately come to mind), there are no substitutes.

Here's the press release about the launch:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jon Fleischman

(October 3, 2005 – California)

Today marks the launch of a new web-portal on California politics,, which will be the easiest way for those following politics in the Golden State to get their fill of the latest news and insights.

For the past four years, publisher Jon Fleischman has been producing the FlashReport in an e-newsletter format which has gone out each day to thousands involved or interested in California politics.

“The new website is designed to be a one-stop portal for anyone interesting in California politics, said site publisher Jon Fleischman, a former Executive Director of the California Republican Party. “Every day the site will be updated with links to the top political news stories, there will be insightful commentary and analysis, as well as access to a tremendous number of valuable resources.”

From the FlashReport homepage, readers will be able to navigate with one-click of their mouse to the news, editorial and editorial cartoon pages of California’s major papers, read the latest from the state’s significant political columnists, or just to dozens of California political websites, weblogs and other resources.

A significant new feature of the FlashReport is the FlashReport Weblog on California Politics where ten political veterans will continually keep FlashReport readers up to date on the latest California news out of Washington, D.C., the State Capitol, and regionally from the Bay Area, Sacramento Area, Central Valley, Inland Empire, Los Angeles Area, Orange and San Diego counties. The weblog authors are briefly profiled on the second page. More extensive biographies are available online.

“You’ll want to keep checking back to the site,” said Dan Schnur, the weblog’s State Capitol Correspondent. “The group of contributors that Jon has assembled will bring a lot of information and insight to anyone following California politics.”


The most significant new feature of the website is the addition of the FR Weblog on California Politics. Here, ten seasoned political veterans from all around the Golden State and Washington, D.C., will be posting their latest insights on politics in their area and around the state.

Authors on the FR Weblog include:

Mike Der Manouel, Jr, of Fresno, is the President of the Lincoln Club of Fresno County. A political veteran, he is often a guest radio talk show host, and a regular newspaper columnist. He is also President of an insurance company. He served many years on the State GOP Board of Directors.

Duane Dichiara, of San Diego, has over 10 years of experience electing candidates to office. His campaign history includes successful races for competitive Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, County Supervisor, City Council and Judicial seats.

Jon Fleischman, of Orange County, has been the Publisher of the FlashReport since mid-2001. He was formerly Executive Director of the California Republican Party. His campaign history includes statewide, Congressional, legislative, and city council races.

Joe Justin, of Sacramento, is the owner of the Justin Company. With 18 years of experience, he has consulted for campaigns for members of Congress and State Legislatures across America. He has worked on some the highest profile campaigns in the country, including the defeat of the former Speaker of the House Tom Foley.

Brad Mitzelfelt, of the Inland Empire, serves as Chief of Staff to San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Postmus. Brad has 20 years of public affairs experience – six of them as an award-winning Marine Corps combat correspondent. He has been in state and local politics and government since 1992.

Adam D. Probolsky, of Orange County, is president of Probolsky Research, an opinion research firm specializing in politics and public policy. He has been a strategic advisor to campaigns from judge and city council to U. S. Congress and state legislator. His firm specializes in advising local government agencies on issues of taxation, annexation, redevelopment and development.

Jason C. Roe, of Washington, D.C., is Chief of Staff to Congressman Tom Feeney. He served as Chief of Staff to former Under-Secretary of Commerce James Rogan. Formerly he also was the Executive Director of the San Diego County Republican Party.

Dan Schnur, of Sacramento, is one of California’s leading Republican political and media strategists, whose record includes work on four presidential and three gubernatorial campaigns, as well as extensive experience on behalf of a variety of ballot initiatives and policy reform efforts.

Mike Spence, of Los Angeles County, is President if the California Republican Assembly, as well as Vice President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. He is an elected member of the West Covina School Board. He has served as a consultant on many campaigns.

Bill Whalen, of Palo Alto, is a fellow with the Hoover Institution. For five years he was Chief Speechwriter for former Governor Pete Wilson. He has served as a media consultant for many candidates, and is an accomplished and well-published writer

# # #

While the list of FlashReport bloggers is distinguished, it seems to me the fact that they have revealed their identities precludes them from saying really damning things about their own party and/or candidates, even when it's necessary that something be said. These guys aren't full time opinion columnists like the Cornerites at National Review. They are all political operatives, meaning they risk their employment. Nonetheless, I will read the FlashReport blog religiously, as everyone else should, because these are learned, experienced, political men whom I respect.

Good luck Jon. And once again, congratulations.