Monday, October 31, 2005

Follow up on the ballot proposition money race

There are two broad categories of propositions on the ballot on November 8th. One category is that of reform vs. status quo. For the most part, liberals are opposing reform and Governor Schwarzenegger and his allies are supporting reform. Propositions 73 through 77 fall into this category. The other category is that of business or anti-business propositions. Propositions 78-80 are in this latter category.

What’s been raised so far and what’s the cash on hand for each broad category as of today?

Liberals have amassed $102.3 million in opposition to Props. 73-77 with $7.1 million cash on hand.

The Governor and his allies have raised $36.8 million to support Props. 73-77 with $1.4 million cash on hand.

As for the business initiatives, the forces of socialism and regulation have amassed $67.5 million to support Props. 79 and 80 with $1.6 million cash on hand.

Business has raised $120 million to support Prop. 78 and oppose Props. 79 and 80 with $3.8 million cash on hand.

If you merge these together, assuming that to be pro-business is to be pro-reform and a friend of the Governor while the opposite is true, then the combined funds raised of $326.6 million breaks out like this: $169.8 million against business and reform with $156.8 million for reform and pro-business. Cash on hand: $8.7 million for the liberals and $5.2 million for reform.