Monday, October 03, 2005

Gilchrist v. Campbell on John & Ken

For those who weren't already aware. The link to KFI's streaming audio of the debate is in the post's title. They haven't gotten to the main event. They have gone through the CA Border Patrol Initiative, Dennis Mountjoy, Mimi Walters, then the less known candidates (John Kelly-R, Steve Young-D and others), soon to get to the debate. The crowd is pumped up that's for sure. Loud audiences support Campbell and Gilchrist.

UPDATE 1: One of the guys just trashed the "Washington scum" who have taken up seats in the conference hall the show rented for the occasion at the Ayres Hotel and have been chanting "Campbell!" They are obviously annoyed that regular voters from the district have been denied an opportunity to see the debate. It's just getting good.

UPDATE 2: QUOTE OF THE CENTURY: John Campbell states, "We do not have driver's licenses for illegal immigrants because of me. I don't like saying that, but it's true."

UPDATE 3: ANOTHER: John Campbell states, "If you look at my five years in the legislature, I haven't sucked up to anybody." I can hear Schwarzenegger's boot kicking down the door right now.

1st COMMERCIAL BREAK: Campbell is obviously shaken up by the line of questioning and the presence of so many people who oppose his candidacy. Gilchrist has so far been flying high with not much of an inquisition or air time.

UPDATE 4: Gilchrist states, "I am a Reagan Republican. The law in the State of California says someone can't change their registration one year prior to an election ... I was forced to run as an American Independent ... All of the Republicans in Congress who I met support me, not publicly ... I am running against the Republican Establishment ... We are a benevolent society, but we're also a rational society."

2nd COMMERCIAL BREAK: Nothing's changed. The segment wasn't long enough. One question went to Gilchrist and that was it.

UPDATE 5: J & K hit Campbell with the David March question. Campbell says that situation is "flat wrong." J & K follow up with how do we know you're going to do something about it? Campell responds with, "Vote for me tomorrow and watch."

Gilchrist responds to the March question with a short memorized biography of David March. Says that would be one of his first missions to get the State Department to prosecute March's killers.

J & K hit Campbell with Republicans runaway spending. Campbell talks of his deficit prevention act in California. Seems to pledge a hard line on government spending, demanding "external discipline."

Gilchrist cites Bear Stearns assessment on the cost of illegal immigrants on the economy and the budget. Again, mentions his support from Tom Tancredo.

UPDATE 6: J & K ask Campbell why the people shouldn't vote for a "bomb thrower," because it seems the country's situation demands a bomb thrower. Campbell retorts, "You can throw bombs and you can blow things up, or you can get stuff done. I get stuff done." Gets overwhelming boos to this. J & K go for the one-two punch mentioning that Campbell's an easy going guy who seems approachable, but that he's also a corporate guy who seems to be part of the current problem, just like Chris Cox (who J & K obviously have had issues with, because they feel he didn't do enough about the immigration issue while Chair of the Homeland Security Committee).

Gilchrist rebuts with, "John [Campbell], so someone who wants to enforce the laws of the United States and protect your kids is a bomb thrower?"

Campbell, "I didn't call you that. John [host], you called him that."

Gilchrist says, "I'm not a bomb thrower. I'm a catalyst for change. I'm the consequence of Republicans and Democrats who have ignored the rule of law for the past 40 years."

3rd COMMERCIAL BREAK: I know people will point out my predisposition towards Gilchrist going into the debate, but at this point I think it's unquestionable that Gilchrist is the one staying on message. He's really done an amazing job keeping the debate centered around illegal immigration. This is where he wins.

UPDATE 7: J & K mention a lot of money going to Iraq War and overseas to other countries, when are we going to start caring for the American people? Campbell says, "I'm someone who can grab the President's attention on the issue of illegal immigration and government spending." He purposefully mentions the death tax, probably as a small swipe at the oft-misquoted Register piece with Gilchrist's stance on it.

Gilchrist says, "I'm taking the exact same position as my opponent. However, I don't have to prove anything to anybody, I've already proven it."

FINAL UPDATE: It's clear J & K put more of the heat on Campbell than Gilchrist. Gilliard's probably kicking himself for putting his candidate up to this debate. It really didn't do anything for Campbell. Campbell didn't get much of a chance to discuss his other issues. All the listeners came away with were Gilchrist's confident soundbites on illegal immigration. Campbell sounded timid.