Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hack N Flak in the news

The Sac Bee’s Kevin Yamamura wrote a piece about the blogosphere entitled
“In state races, it's the year of the blog” that mentions Hack N Flak and your humble contributor.

From the piece:

DeVore, R-Irvine, posts to both his personal campaign blog and the opinion sites Hack N Flak and OC Blog. He said he uses his blog to reach his base of supporters but posts to the opinion blogs to influence a wider audience.


DeVore said Capitol workers have mixed opinions on whether blogging is a benefit or liability.

"Some people believe that if Abraham Lincoln or Alexander Hamilton were still around today, they would be blogging," DeVore said. "But the other half of staffers are terrified because they look at the permanency of what you write and ask, what if this guy writes something that gets ridiculed in the mainstream media? Or what if he writes something that could be used in a hit piece?"

Bottom line advice to my colleagues: come on in, the water’s fine! But don’t ask your staff to write for you, it will slow your reaction time and make your whole blogging process too cumbersome to be worthwhile.