Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I am back in black

To quote the great old AC/DC song, I am back in black and ready to take the blogosphere by storm.

I am traveling right now and going to be enjoying the nice taverns of Santa Barbara, but I will be tracking the craziness in Orange County tonight from my friend's casa. (Jubal, how about a live remote from election central? Where is it? Sutton Place?)

Next I would like to comment on the "Who's hot?" lunacy that was going on here: I am the hottest, with the biggest rack, best ass yadda yadda and all you ladies and gents are jealous. So there, it is settled. No more talk about it cause the case is closed.

Lastly I would like to commend Phil "the sleaze" Angelides (I am a Westly girl) for his Oscar winning performance in the the movie, "Gray Davis II - Now I am a geeky Greek guy"
Ciao babies!