Thursday, October 27, 2005

Marvin Lucas Supports Prop 73

As much as I like the hippie lettuce I do have a brain and I have to give the big "A OK" to Prop 73.

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but oh well.

In this society it isn't unreasonable to require a doctor to inform a parent (or legal guardian) if their minor daughter will undergo an abortion. Cops will call your parents if you get arrested, the school calls home if you ditch, hell you can't get a fake tan! (Thanks Joe Nation -- you are still a hottie though)

What is the big deal about a doctor contacting a parent & informing (NOT asking permission mind you) them about their daughter's pending abortion?

Parental notification is not divisive. It is ridiculous and demeaning to women to suggest that teens will then resort to back alley or cross border abortions -- no such doomsday scenario has ever taken place.

Opponents of 73 say, but parents will get angry and punish their daughters.

No shit really? If I get knocked up and I am 16 my parents will freak? I never thought of that? How dumb do they think we are?

Look, kids are kids and teenage pregnancy has been around forever. There will always be extreme cases where a teen can't go to her parent because dear old dad was the one that raped her. Prop 73. has provisions for those cases.

But let's be intellectually honest with ourselves -- parental notification is required for so many things in our society -- parents must at least be notified if a their teen daughter is going under the knife for an abortion.