Friday, October 28, 2005

Mi Amor Roger gets it right--again

Mr. Salazar hits the nail on the head with this witty, yet profound response to the GOP's view of Latino attitudes.

The Capitol Morning Report 10.28.05

From The Democratic Majority – With a straight face, a press aide on the Governor’s campaign team told the San Francisco Chronicle that “the campaign’s polling shows a growing number of Latinos are coming over to Schwarzenegger’s side and backing the four initiatives ~Props 74 [teacher tenure], 75 [public employee union dues], 76 [budget-spending cap], and 77 [redistricting] ~ the Governor has billed as his California reform package.” (SF Chronicle, Special Election Blog, Oct. 27, 2005)Someone ought to let the Governor’s communications team know that asking Rosario Marin and Abel Maldonado what they think cannot be considered “polling.” For an independent and immensely more credible perspective, please take the time to look at the newest survey released by the Public Policy Institute of CA ... which shows that 76 percent of Latino voters disapprove of the Governor’s performance in office and a meager 16 percent of Latino voters approve of the Governor’s handling of reforming California government ...Contact: Roger Salazar 916 444 8897