Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Next Unruh?

Democrat LA City Counncilman/wunderkind Alex Padilla is certainly making all the right moves (however, he is no Tom Cruise!) in his quest to win Sen. Richard Alarcon's soon to be vacated Senate seat. The following was posted by Shane Goldmacher at CA Observer:

On the Rise?
State senate candidate Alex Padilla (and current president of the Los Angeles city council) is taking on a new job this week: the presidency of the League of California Cities. The League, against Padilla's wishes, endorsed Gov. Schwarzenegger's Proposition 76 last Saturday. Padilla will face off in a hotly contested primary next June against Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez in the race to succeed Sen. Richard Alarcon.
posted by Shane Goldmacher at 9:32 AM

As noted by Shane, he must first get through Assemblywoman extraordinaire Cindy Montanez and her unmatched ground operation and support. Cindy will take some hits for not supporting Mayor Antonio in his early campaign (Boxer and Feinstein have already endorsed Padilla), but her support will come from the district where it counts.