Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 4th Winners & Losers

Jubal has his here:

I have mine here.


The 320,000+ 48th CD voters who didn't show up at the polls yesterday: you now have another opportunity to exercise your civil right to vote who goes to Washington in December

Legal Immigration Lobby: you made it the focus of this election and John Campbell is still State Senator because of it

Dick Ackerman: you can safely say to all your supporters you would have made a better showing

Harvey Englander: you made a boatload off of convincing Marilyn Brewer she had a chance in this district and you grabbed the Democrat votes you always sought

Orange County/48th CD: you can safely say you are the antithesis of the Bay Area, for here Democrats are being beaten by minor party candidates

Jim Gilchrist: you were outspent more than ten to one and were only beaten three to one, you forced a five-year incumbent millionare car salesman into a runoff, bumbled the Minuteman ballot title, worked with an ad hoc crackpot campaign staff, and assuming you garnered all of the AIP votes in the district you still peeled off thousands of Republican votes, all of this while your name was buried in a ballot of seventeen, without a serious mail campaign and the infusion of personal wealth

Bloggers: you have so far made this one of the most exciting years in recent political history and gotten press while doing so

Don Udall: awesome sign placement

Orange County Registrar of Voters: I am generously giving you a win here, you had all the ballots counted before midnight, good work

Orange County Taxman John Moorlach: Tom Harman will be too broke to run against you for Supervisor after he loses his postponed campaign to replace State Senator Campbell

Orange County Republican Central Committee (70th District): yesterday's results show that Marilyn Brewer's popularity has dropped considerably since she left the Assembly and she won't be joining your ranks in the near future (March 7, 2000: and March 2, 2004: for she can't get the votes

Partygoers at Joe's Garage: most likely you'll see each other again in two months (this may or may not be a good thing)


Dave Gilliard: you outspent all of your opponents, ran the ONLY absentee chase program in an election that had nearly 60% of the votes cast absentee, had the national and state and county Republican Parties endorsements and manpower behind you, bussed people to the polls and still couldn't eek out 50%+1 in one of the most Republican Congressional Districts in the country (66% for Cox in the last election, 46% for Campbell)

John Campbell: ditto, and you did this while deftly dodging debates, not positioning yourself on any issue, and proving yourself unresponsive to your friends' inquiries

Steve Young and the California Democrat Party: you couldn't beat Jim Gilchrist and the AIP?

"Washington scum" who flew out to campaign: jet lagged and lost, you really proved your worth, now time to get back to pork barrel politics

Darrel Issa and the California Republican Party Establishment: dispite your intimidation and threats, Republicans still voted for Jim Gilchrist, Darrel, it's your turn to cry now

Tom Harman: you have to postpone your ambitions for another couple months

Jubal: respectfully, your man didn't get what he wanted last night

Orange County: you get to pay for another election on top of your new and increased pension obligations, yip-pie

CTA: after all the IEs for Brewer, you still couldn't even get her elected to her local central committee


Marilyn Brewer: you know why