Monday, October 24, 2005

The official predictions for Nov. 8th

“Marvin Lucas” gave the initiative predictions a whirl, although weakly, in my opinion (What, no margin estimates?! – Come on, Marv!).

So, with the superior knowledge that automatically gets bestowed on every elected Member of the Legislature, I do hereby predict the following:

Prop. 73, yes: 62 to 38
Prop. 74, yes: 55 to 45
Prop. 75, yes: 58 to 42
Prop. 76, yes: 51 to 49
Prop. 77, yes: 53 to 47
Prop. 78, yes: 52 to 48
Prop. 79, no: 48 to 52
Prop. 80, no: 44 to 56

Proposition 77’s passage will have the most immediate and dramatic impact as dozens of campaigning pols will see their races turned upside down as they breathlessly await the results of the new boundaries. I imagine that certain enterprising real estate agents could clean up by specializing in rapid moves for legislators and legislators-in-waiting.

The other impact of the results will be the rejuvenation of Governor Schwarzenegger, bolstering his reelection efforts for 2006.