Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Parrish Smacks Haynes Upside the Head

In political terms what Claude Parrish has just done to Ray Haynes can only be characterized as a big slap in the face. Hack N Flak has been able to confirm that Claude Parish, sitting BOE member and technically neutral in the race to replace him after he is termed-out, has appointed Michelle Steele, candidate to replace him, as his Chief Deputy.

What does this mean?

Well first off if Claude was to vacate his position before the end of his term, precedent would dictate that his Deputy would fill the seat until the next election. More importantly however, Steele can now have a ballot designation to rival that of her opponent Ray Haynes. Instead of a sitting state Assemblyman against a whatever, it is now BOE Chief Deputy.

Haynes has got to be pissed over this.

Please keep your Gina comments to a minimum and lets talk about the implications of this move by Parish.