Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Putting your money where your mouth is… A Special Election financial report

The Special Election on November 8th is tremendously important for California. Success means we can reform California and rebuild the Golden State over the next 20 years. Failure… well, failure is not an option.

There are several political groups engaged in the effort to help Governor Schwarzenegger, among them, the various committees formed specifically to pass Propositions 74, 75, 76 and 77, the California Republican Party, and Governor Schwarzenegger’s California Recovery Team. This latter group is the main umbrella entity leading the Governor’s charge for reform.

Significant contributors to the California Recovery Team include Governor Schwarzenegger himself with $4.25 million of his personal wealth and $1 million from his 2006 reelection fund (this contribution underscoring the importance of success on November 8th with success for Schwarzenegger a year from this November), $1.5 million each from Alex Spanos and Jerry Perenchio, and $1 million each from B. Wayne Hughes and William Robinson.

In addition to these million dollar super contributors, some GOP lawmakers have weighed in as well, with Senators Dick Ackerman, Jim Battin, Bob Dutton, and George Runner writing substantial checks from their campaign accounts.

As of October 24th, the 4 of 15 contributing GOP Senators have been joined by 12 of their 32 Republican colleagues in the Assembly: John Benoit, Chuck DeVore, Bill Emmerson, Doug LaMalfa, Tim Leslie, Kevin McCarthy, Keith Richman, Sharon Runner, Van Tran, Mike Villines, Mimi Walters, and Mark Wyland. In addition, Robin Lowe, a candidate to replace Assemblyman Russ Bogh in the 65th, deserves honorable mention for writing a $2,500 check last week from her campaign account.

I certainly hope all of my Republican colleagues are doing all they can to ensure victory on November 8th.

Money in the bank is great. Money out working to put ideals into action is better.