Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rare GOP Intelligence (catch the double-meaning?)

Well it is kind of a novelty that I am the one breaking some GOP news, given the "in the know" GOP bloggers that contribute on Hack N Flak but nevertheless.

My San Diego GOP contacts have informed me about a new CA political star that will manage Sen. Bill Morrow's anticipated run to replace the underfire Rep. Duke Cunningham.

Supposedly, Vartan is the guy's name and kicking ass is his game (they told me his last name but I can neither remember nor spell it). According to my sources, he comes from D.C via Southern California. Most recently as Rep. Buck McKeon's press secretary and served a stint as a grassroots guru on Roy Ashburn's futile run against now Congressman Jim Costa.

Looks like a GOP battle is brewing down in San Diego and Morrow is getting the head start.

I am sure that some of you more connected GOP'ers will provide more info.