Monday, October 24, 2005

A school district that wants to see your child's closet

I'm posting a link to this great article by Frank Mickadeit because it presents a difficult circumstance ripe for debate.


THE SITUATION: The school district's reputation is so well regarded, it has a problem with out-of-district parents trying to enroll their children. The problem has gotten so bad, the school district has even hired "residency verification officers" (sounds Orwellian because it is). A woman whose children attend, and have attended, Irvine public schools was accused by a neighbor (probably a concerned parent of IUSD-enrolled students) of not actually living in the home she claims residence. So, the school district sent a residency verification officer over to the house to ... well ... verify residency. The officer was dissatisfied with his ability to verify residency from the front porch, so insisted that he be invited inside the house to inspect the children's closets and bedrooms. The homeowner/parent understandably refused on Fourth Amendment grounds.

I'm with the homeowner/parent on this one, but I'm willing to entertain a debate here. Give me your thoughts.