Thursday, October 13, 2005

Special Election Proposition 73

With less than four weeks left before California's Special Election I thought we would start analyzing the Propositions. In the coming weeks I will post basic information and links to both the supporters and opposition of each initiative.

What better place to start then the least controversial of them all Prop 73.

Should the California Constitution be amended to require notification of the parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated, pregnant minor at least 48 hours before performing an abortion on the minor?

Summary Prepared by the State Attorney General:
Amends California Constitution, defining and prohibiting abortion for unemancipated minor until 48 hours after physician notifies minor's parent/guardian, except in medical emergency or with parental waiver. Mandates reporting requirements. Authorizes monetary damages against physicians for violation.

Arguments Submitted to the Secretary of State

Summary of Arguments FOR Proposition 73:
MORE THAN ONE MILLION CALIFORNIANS' signatures qualified PROPOSITION 73! It will RESTORE Californians' right to counsel and care for their young daughters before-- and after--an abortion. Similar laws are protecting girls in over thirty states. FOR OUR DAUGHTERS' SAFETY, HEALTH, AND PROTECTION, VOTE YES on 73!

Summary of Arguments AGAINST Proposition 73:
Prop. 73 says government can mandate family communication. It can't. Scared, pregnant teenagers don't need a judge--they need a counselor. Vulnerable teenagers who can't talk to their parents may resort to unsafe, illegal abortions. Parents rightly want to know, but keeping teens safe is even more important.

Contact FOR Proposition 73:
YES on 73 / Parents' Right to Know and Child Protection
2555 Rio De Oro Way
Sacramento, CA 95826
Toll-Free (866) 828-8355

Contact AGAINST Proposition 73:
Steve Smith
Campaign for Teen Safety
555 Capitol Mall, Suite 510
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 669-4802