Monday, October 17, 2005

Watch out Bill Morrow.....

Looks like we are just about game on kids.... this will be some good sport for all of us Republican politicos down in San Diego and for Marvin who just likes to watch us squable.

Mark Wyland Preparing Run for Congress

Although unannounced, Wyland opens committee with personal contribution

(Escondido) – Although yet to formally announce his candidacy for the open 50th Congressional district, Assemblyman Mark Wyland has opened a congressional committee with a $250,000 personal contribution, and he is busy gathering support from around the district.

“There’s much anticipation over Mark Wyland’s pending announcement,” said Wyland spokesman Tim Clark. “Opening his committee and making a substantial initial contribution is a pretty strong statement. When he enters the race, he’ll certainly do so as the front-runner.”

Assemblyman Wyland has been a popular fixture in San Diego County politics, where he has been a key player in helping the Republican Party build its grass roots infrastructure and increase its voter registration percentages.

A longtime Escondido businessman, Mark Wyland has worked on expanding jobs and economic opportunity, improving education, and reforming government. He has compiled a conservative voting record highlighted by opposition to tax increases and strong support for reduced government spending. Wyland has also been a state-wide leader in trying to stop illegal immigration and its costs to Californians. # # #