Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What does the "I think I'm turning Japanese song" really mean

Ok enough hearing about your GOP reputations. Look, as far as I am concerned all the greats had "baggage" -- and if they don't, they usually aren't any good (see Carville, Morris, Rove, Atwater, Kennedy, Unruh, Brown, Gingrich)

Now let's get to predictions--if you disagree, tell me why?

Here goes;

73 - Pass, barely
74 - Fail
75 - Fail barely
76 - Pass
77 - Fail
78 - Fail
79 - Fail
80 - Fail

p.s. All you bitter man hating GOP women (not all of you are) quit using this blog as your personal trash can. Either get a political mind, get a life, or even less likely--get a date.

Toodles XO