Thursday, October 20, 2005

What if Jerry Brown didn't exist?

I was just forwarded a letter that Sen Ackerman and Assemblyman McCarthy sent out urging Republicans to support Sen. Chuck Poochigian in an obvious attempt to dissuade Jean-Paul-Pierre-Robert, whatever his name is from running for the GOP nomination as well.

McCarthy and Ackerman wrote --

"We are very disappointed that a transplanted New Yorker has decided to challenge Chuck. Just so there is no question: We view someone who has been absent from our state for nearly a decade… has not been voting in California... and, more to the point, has no record of ever participating in the great causes of the California Republican Party… as destructive and divisive to the unity we need to defeat the likely Democratic nominee, Jerry Brown."

But what if Jerry Brown isn't around to be the GOP kicking post? What do you do if Rocky Delgadillo, a tough on crime, conservative Democrat, Latino, LA City Attorney wins the Democratic nomination for AG? What then?

That my dear Republicans, changes the entire landscape of that election.