Monday, October 24, 2005

Where's Rusty the Bailiff?

Just saw the reincarnation of the GREAT Judge Joseph Wapner on a "No on 77" campaign commercial this morning.

This ad is sure to get attention if for no other reason than it is Judge Wapner sans Rusty the Bailiff (who I think is actually dead, RIP) or Doug "my hair has never moved" Llewyllen.

It is great to see the good judge out there still active although I question his judgement on this issue -- I also question what he wears under that black robe? Oh what a tease!

Speaking of being a tease, Oh Assemblyman Chucky Pie --- of course I can never attain the level of wisdom the man I am sure will be the next great Assembly Minority Leader, so I didn't even try in my earlier post.

But c'mon, you still are tantilizing and teasing us with your obvious no answer to my earlier question about your future as a possible 35th Senate district candidate.