Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Who Does the California Teachers Association Represent?

One of the biggest issues presented during this special election was the supposed war launched on teachers and others by Governor Schwarzenegger. Depending on whose talking points you read either the Governor launched a war against Police Officers, Firefighters, Nurses and Teachers or, the Governor is trying to protect the free speech of the same by limiting the power by which a few are able to speak for the majority.

Now,I am married to a teacher and know many others who do not agree with the actions of the CTA but are very limited in what the can do since they are mandated to join the CTA for collective bargaining issues. I have spoken to many many teachers who believe that both Props 74 and 75 are a good idea.

The following excerpt leads me to ask the following questions: Who does the CTA represent, the teachers or the Democrat party? How much more will the CTA "assess" teachers so that the union bosses can continue to receive a salary?

A sworn affidavit from the California Teachers Association (CTA) reveals the union is heavily financially leveraged and had already spent, as of 9/30/05, every penny of the $50 million it raised to fight Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's reforms. The document also reveals that the union is attempting to secure an additional $40 million line of credit, on top of at least $34 million in existing loans. The document states that failure to obtain this loan would result in "great financial harm" for the union. It also indicates for the first time that the recent $60-a-year assessment forced on members was needed to maintain fiscal solvency.The affidavit was signed by CTA controller Carlos Moreno and was submitted to the US District Court in San Jose as part of a recent lawsuit against the union.