Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Info on the Susan Kennedy Site

A Central Valley (of all places) GOP friend of mine gave me some info about the Susan Kennedy site that might be interesting to all you Republicans out there.

1. The site is owned by Steeljaw
2. Steeljaw also did the Cristi Cristich for Assembly website
3. I am told Cristi Cristich paid Tanja Mecey for her website
4. Tanja has done projects with a Mike Mecey.
5. I am told Mike Mecey used to work or maybe still does work for McNally Temple

So I am told. I anyone has further info---please cut us in. XOXO


H/T to my OC Blog compadre Jubal for the find. (Link in the title of this post). They should have an online petition started, as well as a website counter down at the bottom of the page. This thing could get big.

2006 Headlines - Thanks for the Idea Roscoe C!!!

Over at the OC Blog, contributor Roscoe C. wrote a very funny post about other wacky headlines that you are likely to see given the Susan Kennedy appointed by Gov. Arnold headline.

Since mimicry is a high form of flattery, I thought I'd expand on Roscoe's post with headlines that ACTUALLY MIGHT BE POSSIBLE FOR DEMS in 2006 now that Susie K. is running things in the horseshoe. Thanks for the idea sweetie!

Most of these (minus the Tookie thing) I would love to see!!!! XOXO

Tookie Williams Granted Clemency By Kindergarten Cop

Dem. Strategist Gale Kaufman Joining Schwarzenegger Re-Election Team

Schwarzenegger Proposes Tax Increase on Tobacco, Alcohol and Wealthiest 1%

Non-Discriminatory Marriage Act Signed by Governor

Reinvigorated Hapsburg Royal Family Surfaces in CA; Given State Dinner (that is for you history buffs)

California Republican Party Endorses Against Sitting Governor

Prop 98 Fully Funded and School Spending Increased

Schwarzenegger and Nurses Forge Agreement on Staffing Ratios

Minimum Wage Increase Bill Signed

and finally------

Cedillo Final Passes Drivers' License Bill for Undocumented Workers, Schwarzenegger Calls it 'Major Step' in California/Mexico Relations

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joe Kennedy's Revenge

Now Stromboli has reared its ugly head and they crowned the new king at the HY-annis Port-ATT compound.

The hiring of Susan Kennedy should not come as a shock to you REEPS out there living in the Schwarzenegger fantasy-land. Every major player in the horseshoe is a Dem -- it has been that way since day one. Names like Shriver, Reiss, Zingale, Tamminen have been synonmous with this Administration since Gov. Arnold's inauguration. Old Teddy, Sargent, Patrick, and that Skakel guy have been doing backflips and cheering each and every move that has been made.

I only have one question to you true blue GOP'ers out there --- Why has it taken so long for you to anger? Why do you all act like 16 year old pimple faced boys at Hooters everytime the Governator walks through the room. You put him on the same pedastal as Reagan, but he throws you under the bus just as easily as Jim Jeffords.

I just want to know why? As a little old Lieberman loving Democrat I just don't get it.

One thing I do get is that old Joe Kennedy finally moved the family out west and FINALLY got revenge for 1968.

Should Wyland reconsider?

Now that Duke Cunningham has resigned, would/should Assemblyman Mark Wyland get into the Special Election to fill the seat?

Duane Dichiara said in the SDUT that Wyland is reconsidering. Despite Democrat murmurs that they'll make a play for this seat, it really is all about the Republican Primary. A 14-point registration edge is insurmountable for a Democrat to overcome in a Republican district.

Wyland would come back into the race as a top-tier candidate with a strong conservative record, not to mention plenty of money to drop. Senator Morrow remains the other top-tier candidate. Under these new circumstances, Wyland doesn't have much to lose.


Monday, November 28, 2005

Jon Coupal's excellent column on FlashReport

I recommend everyone - Republican legislators, Republican staffers, Democrat legislators, Democrat staffers, taxpayers, everyone! - read Jon Coupal's excellent, succinct column featured at the top of today's FlashReport headlines. Amazing stuff out of the author of "The California Tax Revolt," a frequently cited article about - what else? - his organization's founder, Howard Jarvis, and the monumental campaign for Prop 13.

This FR article addresses the Govenor's megabond trial balloon. It is an article that dares Arnold to go the way conservatives have always wished to see him go (so that they might fully embrace him). It asks questions that need to be emplanted in the psyches of our state's taxpaying citizens. Read it.

Bear Flag League agrees with new direction for HnF

Weeks ago, I applied for Hack n Flak's membership to the Bear Flag League. Will has been away lately. I took the initiative, as I share with him administration of the blog. I believed, and still believe, a membership with the League would increase traffic and thoughtful comments. And I would like to see Hack n Flak survive the legislative recess.

For those readers who wish to see the blog go back to its old, darker ways, please keep in mind the response I received from the Bear Flag League's Admissions Panel on Friday:

Dear HackNFlak,

Thank you for your interest in joining the Bear Flag League.

The BFL Admissions Panel has reviewed your application and your blog. Although you are a conservative, your blog's inclusion of frequent anonymous personal comments about capitol staffers does not fit in with the goals and overall mission of the Bear Flag League.

You are welcome to reapply to the League for further consideration should the emphasis of your blog change. Full membership may be granted to blogs with six or more months of consistent blogging.

Thank you,

The Bear Flag League Admissions Panel

Remember I never intended to be the sole, permanent administrator of the blog. I merely wanted to see it live on. Others want to see it live on as well, as evidenced in the new individuals added to the blog's list of sidebar contributors. I believe the Bear Flag League wants to see it live on, they just want to give us a nudge. I think we should absorb it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Public pensions vs. the general welfare

The L.A. Times ran an interesting piece today entitled, “Pension Gap to Force O.C. Budget Cuts.” In it, there were two main points the leapt out at me: 1) increasing public sector retirement benefits are cutting real services ($84 million this coming year in O.C.); 2) the assumed rate of return for the County’s retirement fund of 7.5% was called too low by the government union chiefs.

Allowing retirement at age 50 with 75% of pay is questionable, especially given today’s expected life spans. Because of this kind of benefit, retirements are soaring in O.C. Meanwhile, O.C.’s pension fund obligations are only 69% funded.

As for the 7.5% rate of return criticized by Nick Berardino, general manager of the Orange County Employees Association, does anyone else find that a tad ironic given that Social Security’s rate of return is 0.7% and that these same unions team up with the Democrats to attack President Bush’s plan to allow some private retirement accounts that might earn as much as 6.8% in equities? Consistency in logic was never a requirement in a political fight.

One question, with soaring public sector retirement benefits resulting in budget cuts for education, health, and welfare: what’s a conservative to do? To a certain degree, it might be less harmful to society overall if we all simply paid government workers to retire rather than run our lives for us. In this case, we can be thankful that we don’t get all the government we pay for!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Thankful: Religious freedom and unalienable rights

Last Sunday the DeVore family attended an art exhibit ( sponsored by Falun Gong, the Buddhist-based meditation group banned by the Chinese Communist Party. The purpose of the exhibit at the Biltmore Hotel in L.A. was to benefit children orphaned ( by the Chinese Communist Party’s murder of their parents through torture.

The Chinese Communist Party banned the practice of Falun Gong in 1999. At the time, the sect’s 100 million practitioners outnumbered the dues-paying members of the Communist Party – no doubt a major reason for the crackdown.

In the past six years the Chinese Communists have killed over 2,700 Falun Gong adherents while in official custody, many of those tortured to death in hideous fashion. This barbaric treatment is also routinely meted out to the house church believers of various Christian sects, Tibetans and anyone else the morally bankrupt Chinese Communist Party feels threatened by.

Think for a moment: this daily outrage is occurring in a nation with thousands of years of recorded history, a permanent vote in the United Nations Security Council, and a rapidly growing military and economy, now ranked by the CIA as the world’s second strongest nation.

The art was heartbreaking. One of the methods of torture depicted was the use of lit cigarettes and a hot iron against a man’s bare chest to try to force a confession and a renouncing of faith. Another painting featured a little girl crying in front of the door of her home, now condemned by the Communist Party and declared off-limits as her parents had been arrested and hauled off.

That this can happen in an ancient and proud land such as China in 2005 boggles the mind (just as the Holocaust could have happened in a highly literate and developed nation like Germany). Even more shocking, however, is the rampant American acquiescence in the face of such evil. Many politicians were invited to address the event, I was the only one to do so, while three other politicians sent proclamations in lieu of attending.

Sadly, too many of my colleagues kowtow to China. They openly worry about upsetting the hypersensitive and brutal regime – and their powerful U.S. trading partners. They worry about not getting invited to China. They worry that their actions might cause the Chinese not to buy their constituents’ goods.

Rather than making nice to a cabal of unelected and often evil potentates, American political leaders should follow the moral lead of President Bush and call for the Chinese Communist Party to allow full and unfettered religious freedom for their 1.3 billion people.

As Americans, the principle that animates our Constitution can be found in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. This principle holds for all people, at all times, and in every place. It is just as true for 26 million Iraqis as it is for 1.3 billion Chinese.

The day after we’ve given thanks, let us remember to also give thanks for our abundant freedoms – freedoms enjoyed by far too few people on our globe.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The “Joy” of Being a Lawmaker – or, How I First Met American Independent Congressional Candidate Jim Gilchrist and His Merry Band of Followers

This message is another in the occasional series of “a day in the life of a lawmaker.”

This evening I was tapped to help present a much-deserved award from the National Guard Association of California’s Yellow Ribbon America to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Being a Guardsman, a member of the National Guard Association of California and a friend of the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), it was a no-brainer for me to participate in the event.

On my way in I saw and spoke to Michael Medved, a talk radio commentator and observer of the popular culture whom I much admire, chatted with a few constituents, and briefly spoke to Sen. Tom McClintock, the evening’s keynoter.

During introductions I was mentioned as the local lawmaker. American Independent Party candidate for Congress Jim Gilchrist was also announced to a smattering of applause. That Gilchrist, one of Sen. John Campbell’s opponents in the Dec. 6th runoff election for Chris Cox’s old Congressional seat, was there was a slight surprise in that the RJC is a REPUBLICAN organization while Gilchrist is an AMERICAN INDEPENDENT candidate – but, I suppose Gilchrist paid his admission fair and square.

A few minutes later Mr. Gilchrist, his lovely wife, and a supporter approached me. I stood up, immediately noting that Mr. Gilchrist was not nearly as tall as I imagined him to be (perhaps that’s a bit unfair, as, at 6’4-1/2”, virtually no one ends up as tall as I imagine them to be). We briefly chat, Mr. Gilchrist asking my about the Meritorious Service Medal lapel pin I wear.

Then, it happened.

One of candidate Gilchrist’s aides asked from behind my back if they could get a picture with me. Normally, such a question elicits in a new politician the inward response of, “ME, you want a picture with little ‘ol ME? Oh yes, it’s the office I hold that makes you desirous of a photo with me…” Instead, my instantaneous internal reaction was, “Oh heck, they just want to use this photo for the campaign, for their mailers and on their website!”

I said, “No! You may not have a picture with me because Jim Gilchrist is an American Independent and I am a Republican!”

They persisted, trying to cajole the now reluctant elected official into the photographic ambush.

I replied, “I cannot have my picture taken with a man registered with the American Independent Party, the party of George Wallace.”

The Gilchrist posse stalked off, leaving me with my tablemates who uniformly were pleased that I stood firm and surprised that they just saw a politician refuse to kiss the “you know what” of a man with a bit of a following.

A few minutes later my table was in the buffet line when Chris Simcox, the owner of the tiny Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper and Minuteman founder, popped into line across from me and began aggressively challenging me on my refusal as a Republican to be photographed with Jim Gilchrist, an American Independent.

“You are discriminatory!” Simcox accused, among other things, claiming that my hewing to the Republican Party line was somehow inappropriate.

I responded, “Jim Gilchrist is an American Independent, the party of George Wallace and John Schmitz. I am a Republican, the Party of Abraham Lincoln. Parties mean something to me. I would no more endorse Gilchrist than I would a Democrat!”

There were further exchanges. If my buffet line colleagues were paying attention, I didn’t notice.

Mr. Simcox persisted.

I finally said, “Look, you can engage in semantic gymnastics all you want, but the fact remains, Jim Gilchrist is an American Independent and he was a Democrat. It looks to me like he is a bit confused.” I finished loading my plate with a heart-healthy dose of salmon and walked off.

Simcox evidently persisted, however, engaging a friend of mine, fellow Guardsman and Yellow Ribbon America leader Brad White, in discussion. Simcox proceeded to denigrate my military service. Mr. White defended my service, asking Mr. Simcox what he had ever done to serve his nation in uniform, whereupon Simcox replied, “DeVore’s a *#$$^ (using a term that’s synonymous with “cat”).

Well, my my, that’s an intelligent argument, “DeVore’s a *#$$^.” Classic. Welcome to the heated and wacky world of the ONE ISSUE candidate and his singular-minded group of followers.

For the record, I do think illegal immigration is a critical issue. I’ve spoken up about it on the Assembly floor and have been subsequently threatened with punishment for my oratorical transgressions by Democrats. I also think U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter’s (R-CA) recent suggestion to build a triple layer fence from California to Texas for about $2 billion deserves further serious consideration. Lastly, I think Jim Gilchrist and his followers are mostly a well-meaning bunch – but, I think that a few of them are a little nuts too.

After tonight’s encounter, more than ever, I’ll be voting for John Campbell for Congress on December 6th.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Victory (and this report) comes late for Schwarzenegger

Let's hope the Democrats don't get any ideas out of this:

Notice Hill says, "the state has not solved its long-term spending problems and warned that big deficits will return in 2007-2008 unless additional steps are taken." Assemblyman DeVore and his colleagues still have a lot of work to do.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Stay at home mothering, two-parent households, let's roll

Per a request, I am allowing a whole new string of commentary for readers to duke out their differences on the virtues of stay at home mothering, two-parent households, and other family structure concerns.

Have at it!

Divorce is probably the only issue I feel really passionate about. It should be rare, limited to cases of abuse. Along with increased neglect for lifetime contracts, we have seen increased neglect for adherence to other good ethical standards. The legacy of divorce is a sad one.

Cons v. Mods in Orange County, again

I just received this email from Chuck DeVore (sorry for the scoop Assemblyman):

CONTACT: Leisa Brug Kline
(949) 413-4447


"I urge all my friends and supporters to do the same"

Irvine, CA, November 14, 2005 -- State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced today that he is endorsing Dana Point City Councilwoman Diane Harkey to replace Senator John Campbell for the 35th State Senate District.

"Diane Harkey represents the kind of conservative leadership that will continue the legacy of John Campbell in the 35th State Senate District," said DeVore. "Diane Harkey is by far the best candidate because she is a fiscal conservative who will oppose new taxes, protect proposition 13 and fight government overspending."

The only other candidate to formally announce he is running for the seat is Assemblyman Tom Harman of Huntington Beach. "I've gotten to know Tom Harman as a collegial lawmaker however the fact remains he has twice introduced legislation to weaken Proposition 13 protections, he co-authored Democrat State Senator Don Perata's so-called Diaper Tax bill, and he supported the proposed SUV tax - sadly the fact remains Tom Harman is a serial tax increaser."

Senator John Campbell is running in the December 6th special election to the 48th Congressional District. Following that election, the Governor will have four weeks to fill the expected vacancy in the 35th State Senate District.

"I am committed to seeing Diane Harkey win election to the State Senate and I urge all my friends and supporters to do the same," continued DeVore. "She has the kind of fiscal conservative leadership we need representing us during these challenging times."

Assemblyman DeVore represents the Seventieth Assembly District, which includes the cities of Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, and Tustin. The assemblyman's web site can be found at

- 00 -

Tip Sheet
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Endorses Diane Harkey
November 14, 2005

· In 2003 Harman introduced ACA 10, which would have allowed local agencies to impose or increase property related fees upon a majority vote of property owners and not the 2/3rds required under Proposition 13.

· ACA 10 never made it to the floor and he again introduced the bill under ACA 13 in 2005 where it sits in the active file.

· In 2003 Harman Coauthored Democrat Don Perata's SB 204, which would impose a recycling fee (tax) on personal care products including disposable diapers. The "Diaper Tax" died in committee.

· In 2002 Harman was the only Orange County Republican to vote for AB 1058, which called for the Air Resources Board to adopt regulations to reduce green house gases through increased fees on cars. This is the so-called "SUV Tax".

Here is Harman authored ACA 10.

Here's your diaper bill (SB 204) with Harmon as co-author.

Harman supports SUV tax.

I guess DeVore's wasting no time with this one. His is probably a reaction to the timidity with which endorsers approached his own race last year.
Harkey, you may remember, has announced for the 35th SD, a soon-to-be-vacated seat in Orange County. Presumptive Congressman John Campbell is the current State Senator for the 35th.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Anglides Fundraising Swipe at Arnold

Thought some of you kids might enjoy this.....


The Cheney Monster kills me....

Hope your all having a good weekend. Cheers!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Thank a Vet

Hey boyz and girlz---remember to thank a vet on this Veteran's Day weekend. They have all put their cajones on the line to enable blogs like this and our First Amendment rights to exist.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jubal can have his Soylent Green

'Cause I have Hufu.

Check this out:

Jonah Goldberg over at NRO is all over this today. I think it's hilarious.

Pay particular attention to one of the t-shirt designs, "Delicious baby seal, The Veal of the Sea." Classic! I like the guy in the windbreaker winding up for a swing. So politically incorrect, you have to laugh.

Apparently, this guy is a Dartmouth grad experimenting.

Everyone starting the long weekend early?

Or is it just me?

Jeff Randle Has A Bridge He Will Sell You

From today's Sacramento Bee article on whether making money factored into Ah-nuld's consultants' special election advice:
As for his compensation, [Jeff] Randle said, "I don't do this for the money. I do it for what I think is best for the governor. We work really hard for anything we are paid."
That has got to be the quote of the year. I'm reassured that Mother Jeff of Calcutta pursues political consulting for purely altruistic motives. He should emblazon that slogan across the top of his invoices: "I Don't Do This For The Money. Payment due in 30 days."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ah-nuld: Give Hugh Hewitt A Few Minutes Of Your Time

H/T to Ken Masugi at Local Liberty Blog for amassing an excellent collection of post-mortem links.

I especially recommend Hugh Hewitt's post-mortem. Hugh is one of the reasons I took up blogging, and as usual he makes some spot-on suggestions for the Governor.

As for me, I'm still trying to figure out how Prop. 73 lost. How can a majority of California voters -- or at least those who cast ballots this election -- be in favor of not knowing their teenage daughter is going to have an abortion?

Democrat Observations

I was pretty happy with last night's results, although I would've liked to 73 & 77 pass. But hey, a girl just has to take what she can get sometimes.

Rather than gloat or bash the Guv I want to offer a few observations from a Dem perspective ---

How many Reep capitol staffers went out to get voters to the polls? Little or none I am sure. Us Dems were, for the most part, out handing out election reminders, calling Democrat voters, and winning. Republicans seemed lazy this time and completely out flanked.

Democrats and ABC ran an extensive voter identification and get out the vote effort statewide --- but especially in LA and SF. The Reep stronghold of Orange County seemed to have a lower turnout or at least a lower propensity of supporting the Guv's initiatives.

These are just a couple thoughts --- sorry for being less than witty, too much partying last night and I haven't had my morning cup o' joe. XO

Wasn't that Special?

Well, that was a lot of money spent for no immediate effect.

As of 5:54 am, statewide turnout was up to 42.6%, a shade above Secretary of State McPherson’s pre-election projections.

Unless there’s a mess of late absentees, Orange County apparently had a below normal turnout of 38.4%. This indicates a lack of intensity among Republicans towards the Special Election and the Governor.

In the wake of the across the board defeat in the Special, it should be interesting to see how Sacramento resolves its upcoming challenges in 2006 with the ongoing structural deficit. Democrats will want tax increases. Republicans will seek to hold the line. Gov. Schwarzenegger will either muddle through with more temporary debt, or, he’ll go to war against one side or the other: supporting tax increases or spending cuts.

The Governor’s 2006 reelection chances will be determined by what path he takes and how he takes it.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Real Question - Are Changes Needed?

No matter Ms. Clarey's status as the Governator's Chief of Staff, it seems from the Flashreport that she is set to return, the bigger question following this special election is whether or not sweeping staff changes will be made.

All the writing on the wall indicates that some major changes are imminent --

* Poll numbers in the toilet
* 2006 re-election
* Numerous first term missteps
* Apathy of conservative Republican voters

But who knows. I don't know -- but there are Reeps out there that might.

Either way, the only thing that is clear is that the Governor will not be able to ride his star power to victory in his relect. He will have to show some clearly articulated accomplishments. Time will tell. XO

Michael Moore – Hypocrite of the Century

Michael Moore – Hypocrite of the Century

Now comes word that Michael Moore, one of the people most responsible for reelecting George W. Bush as President through his shrill and ridiculously bombastic movie “Fahrenheit 911,” does not practice what he preaches. This, according to a great posting by O.C. Register editorialist Alan Bock today citing Peter Schweizer’s latest book "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy."

Moore has repeatedly said that he doesn’t own stock as a matter of personal morality. In fact Schweizer uncovers that Moore and his wife have created a foundation to do the owning for them. This foundation has owned stock in multiple pharmaceuticals, oil companies (such as Halliburton) and even McDonalds.

Moore has also berated Hollywood for not hiring minorities in key positions. The record for “Fahrenheit 911” is instructive here: all 19 key positions in the movie were filled by whites. His other creative efforts didn’t fare much better.

This stuff is just too good to be made up.

We can’t get a better spokesman for the Left in America – Michael Moore is irreplaceable!

For the post, see here:

Royals tour Berzerkly

The Los Angeles Times has some great pictures of Prince Charles and Camilla touring an "edible schoolyard" in Berkeley with Maria Shriver.

Here's the link: A Royal Tour of Golden State

I know the Prince is all about global warming and composting and granola (while he stands there in a suit that costs a year's salary), but I'm wondering if California's First Lady noted the fact that he's not exactly getting a good slice of average American pie. Knowing the People's Republic of Berkeley, it's hash pie. This is a town that's renowned for its lunatics and homeless.

And it's probably the only - or one of the only - town(s) in America with a Peace & Justice Commission. Yuck!

FR: Pat Clarey out of the Governator's office

Check out this top headline in the Flash Report today.

I was surprised that Fleischman let his Orange County inclinations show through with suggesting two out of the four on the short list of successors are from the area.

Readers, if you had a choice between the four mentioned, who would you choose to fill the spot of Schwarzenegger's COS?

1) Former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg

2) Secretary Fred Aguiar

3) Former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle

4) Former Assembly Republican Leader Scott Baugh

5) None of the above (amend the short list by adding a name)

I'm not going to consider your vote unless you also include your own party affiliation, for full disclosure.

Lastly, Fleischman repeatedly mentions that he's unsure if this information is true. He describes his "rule of six" (six corroborating rumors from credible sources). So I ask the ever-so-knowledgeable readership of Hack n Flak, is Fleischman correct? Has Pat Clarey been smoked out of the tent?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ground Zero: San Diego

For many of you political hacks and flaks across the state election day maybe just about a couple of Propositions, but to the citizens of San Diego November 8th has much more in store for the fate of our City. Tomorrow will be the climax of a rather long and complex story of political turmoil that has errupted in America's Finest City over the past year. Dan Walter's column in today's Sac Bee does an okay job of trying to summarize the sequence of events that have led to San Diego's political instability in the last year. Click here to read the article.

As of today, Jerry Sanders is currently leading Donna Fyre in the polls with a margin of 5 points. But with these two candidates anything goes and we won't know the final outcome of this election until everything is said and done.

More updates to follow as Republicans and Democrats duke it out tomorrow for control of California's second largest City, it still remains to be seen if California will truly turn into the "Left Coast".

Amen Mr. Coleman!

Drudge has this Wall Street Journal editorial linked: SENATOR: 'We can not allow the U.N. to control the Internet'.... I found it could possibly be of interest to the readers.

Any thought of the Chinese having a say (Security Council veto) on matters concerning the internet is frightening. Remember this: Yahoo! Risks Abusing Rights in China ?

Warring Warren Beatty, since you seem to want the pulpit so badly, what say you?

Can A Picture Be Worth 1,000 Votes?

Wanted: Better Ads!

I’m sitting here watching all of my TIVO’d Sunday Talk Shows. Not surprisingly, every one of them is filled with ads for Tuesday’s election.

Is it me, or are all the ads just mediocre?

It seems each of the arguments could be made stronger, clearer, and more poignantly.

Anyone else care to share some thoughts on this?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Rico...Stay In The Private Sector

Mister Flash himself had an interesting post this last week about a possible conservative addition to the State Treasurer's race. Namely, Rico Oller.Now, I like Rico. He's a good guy, a conservative guy, and was a great Senator. But c'mon.

Like it or not, Claude Parrish has all of the slates locked down, and short of someone like Bill Simon (WHO ALREADY HAS SIGNIFICANT NAME ID) running, Claude is likely to win this thing.

If Rico can't beat Dan Lungren for a Congressional seat that largely overlapped his Senate seat, how can he expect to win a statewide campaign without the benefit of any slates???
Rico should set his sights elsewhere if he's looking to get back in the game. But a shot at State Treasurer just doesn't appear to be in the cards for Rico.

Carter Speaks on Abortion - Will the Democrats Move?

Interesting point from Jimmy "I have lusted" Carter in light of CA's vote on Prop 73.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Times:

Carter Condemns Abortion Culture
by Ralph Z. Hallow
Nov. 4, 2005

Former President Jimmy Carter yesterday condemned all abortions and chastised his party for its intolerance of candidates and nominees who oppose abortion.
"I never have felt that any abortion should be committed -- I think each abortion is the result of a series of errors," he told reporters over breakfast at the Ritz-CarltonHotel, while across town Senate Democrats deliberated whether to filibuster the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr. because he may share President Bush and Mr. Carter's abhorrence of abortion.
"These things impact other issues on which [Mr. Bush] and I basically agree," the Georgia Democrat said. "I've never been convinced, if you let me inject my Christianity into it, that Jesus Christ would approve abortion."
Mr. Carter said his party's congressional leadership only hurts Democrats by making a rigid pro-abortion rights stand the criterion for assessing judicial nominees.

Full Article Here

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's Christmas at the OC Register!

I have to thank the editors at the Orange County Register for restoring the use of "Christmas" in Christmas tree. Last week, you'll remember I posted on their use of "holiday" instead of "Christmas" (see:

Well check this out: Nation's tallest tree arrives at Fashion Island.

The opening line:

"Fashion Island's 115-foot Christmas tree has come to town once again, arriving by flatbed at daybreak today to its familiar spot in front of Bloomingdale's."

Thank you again for bucking the political correctness. Just as other religions have their rituals, Christians decorate evergreen trees as one way to commemorate the birth of the man who they believe to be their savior. Don't take that from them. When other religions seek to display their icons, I would hope we extend the courtesy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rocky Mountain High

Straight off Fox News: Residents of the Mile High City have voted to allow adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Authorities, though, said state possession laws will be applied instead.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting early Wednesday, 54 percent, or 56,001 voters, cast ballots for the ordinance, while 46 percent, or 48,632 voters, voted against it.

Under the measure, residents over 21 years old could possess up to an ounce of marijuana.

This is a critical victory in the movement to legalize marijuana. I would not doubt a California municipality will soon follow with a similar initiative.

This Denver vote definitely makes a statement, if nothing else.

Nativo Lopez and Prop. 77

Doug Bandow, long-time libertarian pundit, takes a look at Nativo Lopez and the curious circumstance of his alliance with the forces of light, i.e. Lopez as a signer for the pro-77 ballot argument.

Partisan competition, democracy, and the Founders

As an advocate of let ‘er rip democracy and fierce competition of the marketplace of ideas, I am disgusted with any Republican politician who opposes Proposition 77. Don’t let any of the sorry lot fool you, their opposition is based purely on a desire for self-preservation.

The average margin of victory in legislative and congressional races last year in California was about 30 points. Nationally, only a handful of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are competitive. This is not what the Founders wanted. Look at the history of the early days of the House where huge swings in partisan makeup routinely happened. This is what the Founders intended for the “People’s House.”

Instead, we get bigger percentage swings now in the partisan makeup of U.S. Senate (as you can’t gerrymander an entire state). The system is upside-down thanks to modern computer technology in service of old Elbridge Gerry’s idea to pack districts.

As proof, take a look at the partisan composition of the last four Congresses.

U.S. Senate Republican membership went from 55 in 1998 to 50 in 2000 to 51 in 2002 to 55 in 2004. This is an average swing of 6 percent every cycle with a maximum change of 9 percent.

In contrast, the U.S. House Republican membership went from 223 in 1998 to 221 in 2000 to 229 in 2002 to 232 in 2004. The average change in the supposedly more volatile U.S. House of Representatives was 2 percent with a maximum swing of 3 percent.

Now, compare this to the post-Civil War era of 1877 to 1895. The average U.S. House of Representatives party change in the elections then was 29 percent with the biggest change occurring in the election of 1895 when the Republicans went from 124 members to 254 members while the Democrats plunged from 218 to 93 (now, that’s what I call a blow-out!). In that same year, the U.S. Senate only saw a switch of four seats from the Democrats to the Republicans – from the Founders’ perspective, an entirely expected result.

Vote “Yes” on 77!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's The Deal With David Horowitz?

I just posted about this over at OC Blog, as well.

Conservative cultural warrior David Horowitz has been stumping against Prop. 77, part of a small cadre of GOPers including Dora Kingsley and various protected GOP incumbents like Rep. John Doolittle.

They are making a concerted effort to sway Republican voters from supporting Prop. 77, which is the GOP's best chance of becoming competitive in legislative elections. I posted about a mailer I received over the weekend , disguised as a jury summons, that implies Governor Schwarzenegger is against Prop. 77.

Now, David Horowitz is featured in a new anti-77 radio ad, which hasn't yet aired.

I'm skeptical about this ads effectiveness, since it Horowitz largely unknown to the average GOP voter. Whatever effectiveness it does have will likely have more to do with voters confusing him with consumer advocate David Horowitz.

Then there's this tidbit from the October 23, LA Times:

One such donor this year is American Family Voices, based in Washington, D.C., and founded by former Clinton White House aide Mike Lux.

American Family has taken a skeptical view of the Iraq war, supported plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases and called for an independent counsel investigation of Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas).

In California, American Family gave $375,000 to a group backed by Democratic congressional members to oppose Proposition 77.

And despite its liberal leanings, American Family gave an additional $125,000 to a No on 77 committee headed by David Horowitz, a neoconservative author who hopes to persuade Republicans to oppose 77. Lux described his donors as "liberal" but would not name them.

"We don't want our membership disclosed," said Lux, "in part because when we have disclosed members, right-wing groups harass them."

The $125,000 is by far the largest donation to Horowitz's effort, though Horowitz says he leaves fundraising to consultants.

"I don't know who is funding me, but I don't really care," Horowitz said. "Nobody controls me."

That's too bad.

Whole number of persons

A friend of mine asked me to take a second look at Ken Masugi's enlightening piece on Prop. 77. This one examines the way illegal immigration distorts district boundaries, as the census is Constitutionally required to count the "whole number of persons." Masugi is the Director of the Center for Local Government at the Claremont Institute. He's pretty much the genius behind the Local Liberty blog over at Claremont. And he's penned a book, The California Republic: Institutions, Statesmanship, and Policies : Institutions, Statesmanship, and Policies , that I recommend looking into.

Here's the link: Prop. 77's immigration angle.

It would be interesting to see if a measure could be passed that placed requirements on officials who serve in leadership roles in the legislature - that means you Fabian - to have a certain percentage of their district vote.

Fabian serves as the Speaker of the Assembly, the most powerful member, and assuming he garnered all of the votes in the 46th AD (a vote for Fabian from every registered voter - I know it's frightening to consider), he'd still only have a little over 84,000 votes to his name. Assemblymembers supposedly represent over 400,000 people! Fabian's elected by less than 25% of them! (Source:

Then you look at someone like Mimi Walters or Chuck DeVore here in Orange County who were elected with over 114,000 votes and 135,000 votes respectively, and that's just counting the voters in their party! (Source: And they're serving in lowly freshman positions, probably working in the Capitol broom closets.

For all the inequity Democrats love - love! - to whine about day after day, they certainly accept a lot of it in their own profession.

Wouldn't It Be Great If Ball St. Played Sac St.?

You have to take notice when Dan Walter's writes(just a note to all you little intern/fellows in the Capitol). His writings and opinion are not just drawn from years of firsthand experience, but also based upon sound, pragmatic public policy.

Danny-go-bragh wrote up a great column in today's Sac Bee -- check this excerpt:

Don Perata, the Democratic leader of the state Senate, headed the redistricting effort for the Senate in 2001, and the other evening, during a televised semi-debate, confirmed that motive. "We are politicians, and we do have the interests of incumbents at heart," Perata said. "There is no question about that." Later, when asked by reporters about his statement, the legislative leader said he should "get high marks for candor."

Proposition 77's threat to the political status quo, not to mention individual political careers, is palpable - so much so, in fact, that not all of Schwarzenegger's fellow Republicans support it. Professional politicians of both parties dislike independent redistricting about as much as they dislike open primary elections, and for many of the same reasons.

Proposition 77 has won plaudits from liberal reform and watchdog groups and more endorsements from California newspapers, it would be safe to say, than any other ballot measure. A statewide poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, released last week, found that over 70 percent of those planning to vote on Nov. 8 believe that redistricting needs reform.

Word up Dan! I sincerely hope California voters of all stripes vote in favor of 77 -- yes yes, I saw the Field Poll but the FlashReport has a pretty fair commentary of this 11th hour polling data. A good lunch read.

The Cajones of the Week award definitely goes to Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla (ok, and not just because I may have worked for him at one point in my illustrious career). So far the only Democratic legislator to publicly support 77 (just a hint to all you Reeps, but there are many more legislators that support it, they are just too chicken sh*t to admit it).

Toodles. XOXO