Wednesday, November 30, 2005

2006 Headlines - Thanks for the Idea Roscoe C!!!

Over at the OC Blog, contributor Roscoe C. wrote a very funny post about other wacky headlines that you are likely to see given the Susan Kennedy appointed by Gov. Arnold headline.

Since mimicry is a high form of flattery, I thought I'd expand on Roscoe's post with headlines that ACTUALLY MIGHT BE POSSIBLE FOR DEMS in 2006 now that Susie K. is running things in the horseshoe. Thanks for the idea sweetie!

Most of these (minus the Tookie thing) I would love to see!!!! XOXO

Tookie Williams Granted Clemency By Kindergarten Cop

Dem. Strategist Gale Kaufman Joining Schwarzenegger Re-Election Team

Schwarzenegger Proposes Tax Increase on Tobacco, Alcohol and Wealthiest 1%

Non-Discriminatory Marriage Act Signed by Governor

Reinvigorated Hapsburg Royal Family Surfaces in CA; Given State Dinner (that is for you history buffs)

California Republican Party Endorses Against Sitting Governor

Prop 98 Fully Funded and School Spending Increased

Schwarzenegger and Nurses Forge Agreement on Staffing Ratios

Minimum Wage Increase Bill Signed

and finally------

Cedillo Final Passes Drivers' License Bill for Undocumented Workers, Schwarzenegger Calls it 'Major Step' in California/Mexico Relations