Monday, November 28, 2005

Bear Flag League agrees with new direction for HnF

Weeks ago, I applied for Hack n Flak's membership to the Bear Flag League. Will has been away lately. I took the initiative, as I share with him administration of the blog. I believed, and still believe, a membership with the League would increase traffic and thoughtful comments. And I would like to see Hack n Flak survive the legislative recess.

For those readers who wish to see the blog go back to its old, darker ways, please keep in mind the response I received from the Bear Flag League's Admissions Panel on Friday:

Dear HackNFlak,

Thank you for your interest in joining the Bear Flag League.

The BFL Admissions Panel has reviewed your application and your blog. Although you are a conservative, your blog's inclusion of frequent anonymous personal comments about capitol staffers does not fit in with the goals and overall mission of the Bear Flag League.

You are welcome to reapply to the League for further consideration should the emphasis of your blog change. Full membership may be granted to blogs with six or more months of consistent blogging.

Thank you,

The Bear Flag League Admissions Panel

Remember I never intended to be the sole, permanent administrator of the blog. I merely wanted to see it live on. Others want to see it live on as well, as evidenced in the new individuals added to the blog's list of sidebar contributors. I believe the Bear Flag League wants to see it live on, they just want to give us a nudge. I think we should absorb it.