Monday, November 14, 2005

Cons v. Mods in Orange County, again

I just received this email from Chuck DeVore (sorry for the scoop Assemblyman):

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"I urge all my friends and supporters to do the same"

Irvine, CA, November 14, 2005 -- State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced today that he is endorsing Dana Point City Councilwoman Diane Harkey to replace Senator John Campbell for the 35th State Senate District.

"Diane Harkey represents the kind of conservative leadership that will continue the legacy of John Campbell in the 35th State Senate District," said DeVore. "Diane Harkey is by far the best candidate because she is a fiscal conservative who will oppose new taxes, protect proposition 13 and fight government overspending."

The only other candidate to formally announce he is running for the seat is Assemblyman Tom Harman of Huntington Beach. "I've gotten to know Tom Harman as a collegial lawmaker however the fact remains he has twice introduced legislation to weaken Proposition 13 protections, he co-authored Democrat State Senator Don Perata's so-called Diaper Tax bill, and he supported the proposed SUV tax - sadly the fact remains Tom Harman is a serial tax increaser."

Senator John Campbell is running in the December 6th special election to the 48th Congressional District. Following that election, the Governor will have four weeks to fill the expected vacancy in the 35th State Senate District.

"I am committed to seeing Diane Harkey win election to the State Senate and I urge all my friends and supporters to do the same," continued DeVore. "She has the kind of fiscal conservative leadership we need representing us during these challenging times."

Assemblyman DeVore represents the Seventieth Assembly District, which includes the cities of Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, and Tustin. The assemblyman's web site can be found at

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Tip Sheet
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Endorses Diane Harkey
November 14, 2005

· In 2003 Harman introduced ACA 10, which would have allowed local agencies to impose or increase property related fees upon a majority vote of property owners and not the 2/3rds required under Proposition 13.

· ACA 10 never made it to the floor and he again introduced the bill under ACA 13 in 2005 where it sits in the active file.

· In 2003 Harman Coauthored Democrat Don Perata's SB 204, which would impose a recycling fee (tax) on personal care products including disposable diapers. The "Diaper Tax" died in committee.

· In 2002 Harman was the only Orange County Republican to vote for AB 1058, which called for the Air Resources Board to adopt regulations to reduce green house gases through increased fees on cars. This is the so-called "SUV Tax".

Here is Harman authored ACA 10.

Here's your diaper bill (SB 204) with Harmon as co-author.

Harman supports SUV tax.

I guess DeVore's wasting no time with this one. His is probably a reaction to the timidity with which endorsers approached his own race last year.
Harkey, you may remember, has announced for the 35th SD, a soon-to-be-vacated seat in Orange County. Presumptive Congressman John Campbell is the current State Senator for the 35th.