Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Democrat Observations

I was pretty happy with last night's results, although I would've liked to 73 & 77 pass. But hey, a girl just has to take what she can get sometimes.

Rather than gloat or bash the Guv I want to offer a few observations from a Dem perspective ---

How many Reep capitol staffers went out to get voters to the polls? Little or none I am sure. Us Dems were, for the most part, out handing out election reminders, calling Democrat voters, and winning. Republicans seemed lazy this time and completely out flanked.

Democrats and ABC ran an extensive voter identification and get out the vote effort statewide --- but especially in LA and SF. The Reep stronghold of Orange County seemed to have a lower turnout or at least a lower propensity of supporting the Guv's initiatives.

These are just a couple thoughts --- sorry for being less than witty, too much partying last night and I haven't had my morning cup o' joe. XO