Tuesday, November 08, 2005

FR: Pat Clarey out of the Governator's office

Check out this top headline in the Flash Report today.

I was surprised that Fleischman let his Orange County inclinations show through with suggesting two out of the four on the short list of successors are from the area.

Readers, if you had a choice between the four mentioned, who would you choose to fill the spot of Schwarzenegger's COS?

1) Former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg

2) Secretary Fred Aguiar

3) Former Assembly Speaker Curt Pringle

4) Former Assembly Republican Leader Scott Baugh

5) None of the above (amend the short list by adding a name)

I'm not going to consider your vote unless you also include your own party affiliation, for full disclosure.

Lastly, Fleischman repeatedly mentions that he's unsure if this information is true. He describes his "rule of six" (six corroborating rumors from credible sources). So I ask the ever-so-knowledgeable readership of Hack n Flak, is Fleischman correct? Has Pat Clarey been smoked out of the tent?