Monday, November 07, 2005

Ground Zero: San Diego

For many of you political hacks and flaks across the state election day maybe just about a couple of Propositions, but to the citizens of San Diego November 8th has much more in store for the fate of our City. Tomorrow will be the climax of a rather long and complex story of political turmoil that has errupted in America's Finest City over the past year. Dan Walter's column in today's Sac Bee does an okay job of trying to summarize the sequence of events that have led to San Diego's political instability in the last year. Click here to read the article.

As of today, Jerry Sanders is currently leading Donna Fyre in the polls with a margin of 5 points. But with these two candidates anything goes and we won't know the final outcome of this election until everything is said and done.

More updates to follow as Republicans and Democrats duke it out tomorrow for control of California's second largest City, it still remains to be seen if California will truly turn into the "Left Coast".