Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Joe Kennedy's Revenge

Now Stromboli has reared its ugly head and they crowned the new king at the HY-annis Port-ATT compound.

The hiring of Susan Kennedy should not come as a shock to you REEPS out there living in the Schwarzenegger fantasy-land. Every major player in the horseshoe is a Dem -- it has been that way since day one. Names like Shriver, Reiss, Zingale, Tamminen have been synonmous with this Administration since Gov. Arnold's inauguration. Old Teddy, Sargent, Patrick, and that Skakel guy have been doing backflips and cheering each and every move that has been made.

I only have one question to you true blue GOP'ers out there --- Why has it taken so long for you to anger? Why do you all act like 16 year old pimple faced boys at Hooters everytime the Governator walks through the room. You put him on the same pedastal as Reagan, but he throws you under the bus just as easily as Jim Jeffords.

I just want to know why? As a little old Lieberman loving Democrat I just don't get it.

One thing I do get is that old Joe Kennedy finally moved the family out west and FINALLY got revenge for 1968.