Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wasn't that Special?

Well, that was a lot of money spent for no immediate effect.

As of 5:54 am, statewide turnout was up to 42.6%, a shade above Secretary of State McPherson’s pre-election projections.

Unless there’s a mess of late absentees, Orange County apparently had a below normal turnout of 38.4%. This indicates a lack of intensity among Republicans towards the Special Election and the Governor.

In the wake of the across the board defeat in the Special, it should be interesting to see how Sacramento resolves its upcoming challenges in 2006 with the ongoing structural deficit. Democrats will want tax increases. Republicans will seek to hold the line. Gov. Schwarzenegger will either muddle through with more temporary debt, or, he’ll go to war against one side or the other: supporting tax increases or spending cuts.

The Governor’s 2006 reelection chances will be determined by what path he takes and how he takes it.