Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's The Deal With David Horowitz?

I just posted about this over at OC Blog, as well.

Conservative cultural warrior David Horowitz has been stumping against Prop. 77, part of a small cadre of GOPers including Dora Kingsley and various protected GOP incumbents like Rep. John Doolittle.

They are making a concerted effort to sway Republican voters from supporting Prop. 77, which is the GOP's best chance of becoming competitive in legislative elections. I posted about a mailer I received over the weekend , disguised as a jury summons, that implies Governor Schwarzenegger is against Prop. 77.

Now, David Horowitz is featured in a new anti-77 radio ad, which hasn't yet aired.

I'm skeptical about this ads effectiveness, since it Horowitz largely unknown to the average GOP voter. Whatever effectiveness it does have will likely have more to do with voters confusing him with consumer advocate David Horowitz.

Then there's this tidbit from the October 23, LA Times:

One such donor this year is American Family Voices, based in Washington, D.C., and founded by former Clinton White House aide Mike Lux.

American Family has taken a skeptical view of the Iraq war, supported plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases and called for an independent counsel investigation of Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas).

In California, American Family gave $375,000 to a group backed by Democratic congressional members to oppose Proposition 77.

And despite its liberal leanings, American Family gave an additional $125,000 to a No on 77 committee headed by David Horowitz, a neoconservative author who hopes to persuade Republicans to oppose 77. Lux described his donors as "liberal" but would not name them.

"We don't want our membership disclosed," said Lux, "in part because when we have disclosed members, right-wing groups harass them."

The $125,000 is by far the largest donation to Horowitz's effort, though Horowitz says he leaves fundraising to consultants.

"I don't know who is funding me, but I don't really care," Horowitz said. "Nobody controls me."

That's too bad.