Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wouldn't It Be Great If Ball St. Played Sac St.?

You have to take notice when Dan Walter's writes(just a note to all you little intern/fellows in the Capitol). His writings and opinion are not just drawn from years of firsthand experience, but also based upon sound, pragmatic public policy.

Danny-go-bragh wrote up a great column in today's Sac Bee -- check this excerpt:

Don Perata, the Democratic leader of the state Senate, headed the redistricting effort for the Senate in 2001, and the other evening, during a televised semi-debate, confirmed that motive. "We are politicians, and we do have the interests of incumbents at heart," Perata said. "There is no question about that." Later, when asked by reporters about his statement, the legislative leader said he should "get high marks for candor."

Proposition 77's threat to the political status quo, not to mention individual political careers, is palpable - so much so, in fact, that not all of Schwarzenegger's fellow Republicans support it. Professional politicians of both parties dislike independent redistricting about as much as they dislike open primary elections, and for many of the same reasons.

Proposition 77 has won plaudits from liberal reform and watchdog groups and more endorsements from California newspapers, it would be safe to say, than any other ballot measure. A statewide poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, released last week, found that over 70 percent of those planning to vote on Nov. 8 believe that redistricting needs reform.

Word up Dan! I sincerely hope California voters of all stripes vote in favor of 77 -- yes yes, I saw the Field Poll but the FlashReport has a pretty fair commentary of this 11th hour polling data. A good lunch read.

The Cajones of the Week award definitely goes to Assemblyman Joe Canciamilla (ok, and not just because I may have worked for him at one point in my illustrious career). So far the only Democratic legislator to publicly support 77 (just a hint to all you Reeps, but there are many more legislators that support it, they are just too chicken sh*t to admit it).

Toodles. XOXO